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Tech Fast

So what would we do without technology? I don’t think myself, or anyone else growing up in the developed world would have a clue. Father Jeff, the head of the Butler Catholic Community, created an initiative to give up all forms of technology for a 24 hour period (academic work excepted) before break.

It was an arduous struggle, consisting in long periods of free time that before had not existed, and an overwhelming desire to update my facebook status every three minutes (OMG my toast just popped…lol). But I made it through with only a few snafus. At the end of the day, we all met up for dinner #delicious #thoughtprovoking.

Post 24-Hour Revelry

To complete the evening, we watched two videos that got us to think about where technology is going, and what it may be keeping us from experiencing. The point of this was not to prove technology an evil force (Amish boot camp isn’t my thing), but to help us think about how we use it. Left unnoticed, it can wreak some serious damage.