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  • Our office offers visit opportunities year round. During the summer, prospective students can join us for our popular Butler101 events, held on Fridays beginning in June.
  • Robertson Hall is home to Butler University’s Admission, Financial Aid, and Alumni offices.
  • This building once served as an all-women's residence hall.
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  • Division I athletics provide incredible opportunities for our students and alumni, whether they're cheering from the sidelines, the stands, or their homes.
  • If you played sports in high school, you'll be in good company here. Many of our students participate in our numerous intramural and club sport teams when they come to Butler.
  • All but one of Butler's 19 intercollegiate teams competes in the Big East Conference (Division I).
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  • Students are able to view Saturn and Venus from the telescope in the Holcomb Observatory.
  • This is a popular student hangout during the warmer months.
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  • The annual Butlerpalooza outdoor concert is one of the Butler Student Government Association's largest events, held every September.
  • Last year's concert featured artists B.o.B. and Youngblood Hawke.
  • There are over 140 student organizations to get involved with on campus. And it's easy to start a new organization, too.
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  • Butler's beautiful campus is the perfect backdrop for a day of studying.
  • Stress-Less Week takes place once a semester, right before finals. Some events of the week include petting puppies, taking a relaxing candlelit swim in the pool, yoga, and free chair massages.
  • Our students hail from 44 states and 49 foreign countries.
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  • This is Butler's bulldog, Blue III (but he usually just goes by "Trip"). He's the third in the line of the university's official mascots.
  • Trip is always on the go, here on campus and even nationwide. Join his 11k+ followers on Twitter (@ButlerBlueII) and tag along.
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  • College of Business students start and run their own business, work on consulting projects for central Indiana companies, and complete two internships for credit.
  • The average class size at Butler is only 20, and the student-faculty ratio is 12:1.

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