Admission Counseling Team

All prospective students and high schools are assigned a Butler admission counselor, here to help guide you through the college search process.

Meet yours using our Find Your Counselor tool.

Jerome Dueweke
Headshot of Jerome Dueweke
Director of Admission
Robertson Hall
Laura Schutt
Headshot of Laura Schutt
Senior Associate Director, Admission
Andy White
Headshot of Andy White
Senior Associate Director, Admission
Robertson Hall
Donneisha Baker
Associate Director, Admission – Founder’s College
Makeda Lands
Headshot of Makeda Lands
Associate Director of Admission – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Chris Potts
Headshot of Chris Potts
Associate Director – Admission
Robertson Hall
Julia Michaels
Headshot of Julia Michaels
Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Robertson Hall
Emily Robison
Headshot of Emily Robison
Senior Assistant Director, Transfer Admission
Robertson Hall
Rebecca Taylor
Headshot of Rebecca Taylor
Senior Assistant Director, Admission
Bertita Barrientos
Headshot of Bertita Barrientos
Assistant Director of Admission – Texas Regional Representative
Robertson Hall
Kyle McGary
Headshot of Kyle McGary
Assistant Director of Admission – Visits and Events Coordinator
Robertson Hall
Alan Meier
Headshot of Alan Meier
Assistant Director of Admission, Midwest Regional Representative
Emma Pace
Headshot of Emma Pace
Assistant Director of Admission – Mid Atlantic Region
Alex Samuel
Headshot of Alex Samuel
Assistant Director of Admission
Robertson Hall
Craig VanGalder
Headshot of Craig VanGalder
Assistant Director of International Admission
Robertson Hall
Maddy Jensen
Headshot of Maddy Jensen
Senior Admission Counselor
Robertson Hall
Isabel Ali
Headshot of Isabel Ali
Admission Counselor
Robertson Hall
Parker Andresen
Madalyn Bigham
Headshot of Madalyn Bigham
Admission Counselor
Robertson Hall
Lindsey Hughes
Headshot of Lindsey Hughes
Admission Counselor
Robertson Hall
Caroline Modelski