Graduate Students Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid awards Federal Direct Loans to degree-seeking graduate students enrolled at least half-time (three credit hours). There is no gift assistance for graduate students awarded through the Office of Financial Aid. Federal Direct PLUS Loans for Graduate Students and Private Loans are available to those needing additional assistance.

Graduate students who are studying abroad for credit with their program may be eligible to use loans for associated costs. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Please note the following:

  • Self-study primers in the Lacy School of Business carry no credit hours and are not aid eligible.
  • Some graduate non-degree certificate programs may be aid eligible and may follow the procedures for borrowing as listed below. Please check with your department for details.
  • Currently, students pursuing the following non-degree programs are eligible for aid:
    • Alternative Special Education- Mild Intervention Certificate
    • Applied Educational Neuroscience Certificate
    • Healthcare Practice and Administration Certificate
    • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Certificate
    • Physician Assistant Educator Certificate
    • Strategic Communication Certificate
    • Teacher Certification (TCCOE)

Financial Aid Offer & Next Steps

The Financial Aid Offer is a complete overview of the financial aid offered to students eligible to receive financial aid based on merit or need. The Financial Aid Offer also includes an average cost of attendance, which is used to determine financial aid eligibility. Once review of the financial aid file is complete, students will be notified via their Butler email when the Financial Aid Offer is available to view online at The Financial Aid Offer is not a bill or a statement of the student’s account.

Follow the steps below to ensure that all your aid will disburse to the student account in a timely manner.

Steps for Graduate Students Borrowing Loans

Financing Options for Graduate Students