Mental Health First Aid at Butler University

Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial support to someone who may be  developing a mental health or substance use problem and help connect them to appropriate care.

The MHFA Certification is comprised of two parts: a ~2-hour self-paced online module that must be completed before attending a live virtual or in-person session. Participants must complete both components before earning their certification.

  • Spring 2022 Dates:
    • Wednesday, May 11, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM (virtual)
  • Summer 2022 dates
    • Wednesday, June 15, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (virtual)
    • Thursday, August 11, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (virtual)
  • Fall 2022 dates
    • Saturday, September 17, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (in-person, on-campus location TBD)
    • Friday, November 4, 5:00-8:00 PM AND Saturday, November 5, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (in-person, on-campus location TBD)
    • Tuesday, December 20, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (virtual)


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  • There is currently no cost to Butler University students, faculty and staff to take this course.
  • Each session has 30 available seats.
  • Once you register, a link for the pre-session, self-paced module will be emailed to you closer to your training date.
  • Common signs and symptoms of mental illness.
  • Common signs and symptoms of substance use.
  • How to interact with a person in crisis.
  • How to connect the person with help.

The course teaches you to apply the ALGEE Action Plan

  • Assess for Risk of Suicide or Harm
  • Listen Non-Judgementally
  • Give reassurance and Resource
  • Encourage appropriate professional help
  • Encourage self-help and other support strategies

Any Butler University student, staff, faculty, alumni, or parental guardian of a Butler student! 

Mental Health First Aid also states the following people are good candidates for the course too.

  • Employers
  • Police officers
  • Hospital staff
  • First responders
  • Faith leaders
  • Community members
  • Caring individuals

More than one million people have been trained!

Feel like you need extra support for your mental health, but are not sure what level of help you need? Or maybe you’re concerned about someone else’s emotional or mental health, but are not sure how to approach them. Sometimes we just need someone to listen. We can help.

At Butler, we have many caring faculty, staff, and students that are certified in Mental Health First Aid. These “First Aiders” can support you by listening, empathizing, and by sharing campus, local, and national resources that you can use to help yourself and others. Some of our Mental Health First Aiders have shared their contact information (below)—please feel free to reach out to them if you, or someone you know, is in need of support.

*This resource is not intended to replace emergency or regular mental health care. If you are in crisis and need immediate help, please refer to the Crisis Support webpage.* 

The table below includes some certified Mental Health First Aid volunteers who have agreed to share their contact information as a resource on campus: