Isolation Instructions

Read the Quarantine/Isolation FAQ for detailed information on the isolation process and duration.

  1. Submit a daily health screening to indicate a positive test or symptoms
  2. Call Health Services or wait for contact tracer to call if it is after hours
  3. If you have tested positive, isolate at home if possible, or on campus in Ross Hall; if you are symptomatic, Health Services will advise on going home or going to Ross Hall to await test results
  4. Move to Ross Hall, located at 629 W. Hampton Dr. 
    • You will receive instructions from Isolation Housing on moving into Ross Hall (if necessary).
      • It is recommended that you return home to your permanent residence to isolate. If you will be remaining on campus to isolate and do not live in off-campus housing, you will need to move to Ross Hall to isolate.
    • Contact your roommates to ask them to vacate your shared space for at least 30 minutes while you go back and collect your needed belongings (see packing list below).
    • Go to your current room and collect what you will need (remember you could remain in isolation for up to 5 days).
    • Once you have what you need, go to the main entrance of Ross Hall.
    • Your ID will provide you with access to the building, if not please call BUPD to be given access remotely.
    • Your room key will be in a lock box in the lobby, hanging on a bulletin board on the left side of the lobby. Specific instructions on your room number and code to your lock box will be emailed to you.
      • Be sure to take your key and ID with you anytime you leave your room (which should only be to go to the bathroom, pick up food in the lobby of Ross Hall, or take out trash).
  5. Read over the FAQs below, which outline common questions regarding Isolation Housing.
  6. Make a Plan for Your Classes
    • Communicate directly with your professors to make them aware of your situation.
    • You will be responsible for working with your professors to make up for work that is missed.
  7. Health Services Information
    • You will receive an initial call from a Contact Tracer when you are placed in isolation or when you receive a positive test result.
    • A Contact Tracer will then call you on Day 5 of your isolation to check in and formally discharge you.
  8. Order Your Meals
    • Dining will provide three meals a day on weekdays and two meals a day on weekends to students in quarantine. These meals will be left outside of the door to your room.
    • You can order your meals here.
    • Meals must be requested prior to 7:00 PM the night before (unless the student is moved into quarantine late in the day) or they will not be delivered.
    • Meals can only be ordered from Atherton. View the menu for today and future days here.
    • Meals will be deducted from your meal plan or charged to your student account if you do not have a meal plan.

    Take Care of You

  9. Ending Isolation
    • ​​You will need to remain in isolation for five days if you are asymptomatic or your symptoms are residing (no fever for 24 hours)
    • Read through the Quarantine/Isolation FAQ for detailed information on the isolation process and duration.
  10. Health Services Notice
  11. Checking Out of Ross Hall
    • Bag up your trash and take to the trash room
    • Be sure to bring all of your belongings with you
    • Leave anything that was given to you (toiletries, fan, etc.) in the room.
    • Return your keys at the front desk. There are envelopes provided. Please fill out the information on the envelope and slide the sealed envelope, with your room key, in the outgoing mail slot.
  12. ​Read over the Isolation Housing Rules and Regulations. Failure to comply will result in removal from Ross Hall and from campus.

Rules and Regulations

When you returned to campus, you signed an affirmation that you understand and accept your responsibilities as a member of our community. That affirmation states the following:

“Violations of this agreement could result in sanctions as outlined in the Butler Student Handbook up to, and including, permanent dismissal from campus. Such violations could have significant impact, including cancellation of a student’s campus housing and/or cancellation of course enrollment—resulting in possible forfeiture of paid tuition and fees.”

During your quarantine period, you are expected to follow a specific set of rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in removal from campus.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of Isolation Housing will result in removal from Ross Hall/removal from campus housing.

Isolation Rules and Regulations:

  • Remain in isolation.
      • Students placed in Isolation Housing will need to remain in Isolation Housing for a minimum of five days.
      • You must remain in isolation until you are formally discharged by a Contact Tracer.
      • While in Isolation Housing, students cannot leave Isolation Housing for any reason, except to return home to their permanent residence with a family member, to seek emergency medical care, or due to an emergency situation.
      • Exterior and interior building doors (including individual room doors) cannot be propped open at any time.
      • Students in Isolation Housing will need to remain in their Ross Hall isolation space at all times, except to pick up food in the lobby, take trash to the trash room, or to use the communal bathroom.
      • Masks must be worn anytime you leave your isolation space.
  • Do not interact with other people while is isolation.
      • Guests will not be allowed into Ross Hall while a student is in isolation.
      • Students in isolation cannot visit other students also living in Ross Hall.
      • Students in isolation cannot engage in any in-person interaction with students outside of Ross Hall in any way (meaning through an open window, an exterior door, etc.)
      • Interaction in the halls, bathrooms, and lobby is strictly limited. Be aware of your surroundings when walking in the hallway, getting food from the lobby, using thebathroom, or taking out the trash.
  • Food Delivery
    • Delivery instructions will need to be provided for the food to be left outside of the main door of Ross Hall.
    • The delivery driver must be back in their car before food can be retrieved.
    • Do not leave the building to retrieve the food.
    • The cost of these meals will be at the student’s own expense.
  • Bathroom Policy
      • Students in Isolation Housing will be assigned a specific bathroom to use.
      • Students must use their assigned bathroom the entire time they are in Isolation Housing.
      • Students must clean up after themselves in the bathroom. Supplies will be provided in each bathroom.
      • If you need extra supplies in the bathroom (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), please submit a maintenance request.
      • Students must limit interaction with others while in the bathroom.
  • Packing List
    • Things to bring with you from your room
      • Sheets
      • Pillow
      • Comforter/blanket
      • ​Towel, wash cloth
      •  Flip flops/shower shoes
      •  Toiletries (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
      • Mask
      • Chargers
      • Medication (Tylenol to control fever, any medication you take daily, etc.)
      • Refillable water bottle (there is a filling station in the lobby)
        • Dining will also drop off water bottles with your meals.
      • ​​​Clothes (for the entire time you will be in isolation)
      • Butler ID
      • Thermometer
      • Room keys
      • School supplies (laptop, books, etc.)
    • Things that will be provided
      • Fan
      • Cleaning supplies
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Mask
      • Flip Flops
      • Kleenex
    • Things that we will have a few extras of in the lobby
      • Shampoo/conditioner
      • Body wash
      • Deodorant
      • Toothbrush
      • Thermometers​

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring? What will be supplied?

  • Students should bring everything they will need (see above list) from their room for the full duration of isolation.
  • A few extras of frequently needed items will be available in the lobby

What do I do with my trash?

  • Use the trash rooms in the building to dispose of trash. Wear a mask at all times when you are outside of your room.

Is there laundry in Ross Hall?

  • Yes, there is a laundry room in Room 155.

What do I do if my symptoms worsen?

  • If you begin to experience symptoms or your symptoms worsen, please contact Health Services at 317-940-9385 (during business hours).
  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call the BUPD emergency number (317-940-9999) and follow these steps:
    • Let them know you are COVID-19 positive, in isolation housing, and experiencing a medical emergency.
    • Let them know if you need someone to come to your room. If not, meet them at the front door of Ross Hall.
  • What do I do if there is a maintenance issue in my room or the building?
    • If you have a minor maintenance issue, please place a maintenance request.
    • Please note in the request that you are in quarantine, so they can come with the proper protective gear.
    • Please note that not all requests will be responded to immediately due to the nature of quarantine.
    • If you have a maintenance emergency (large leak, plumbing emergency, etc.) please call BUPD (317-940-9999). They will call an emergency maintenance staff member to come handle the situation.
    • If a maintenance staff member does need to enter your room, please wear a mask and remain at least 6 feet away at all times.
  • What do I do in the event of an emergency?
    • If there is any sort of emergency in the building (medical, weather, safety, etc.), please call the BUPD emergency number (317-940-9999).
  • Is there someone I can talk to if I am experiencing distress during quarantine?
  • What if I forget something in my room?
    • A roommate or authorized person can bring items to you in Ross using a specific process, outlined below.
      • Both yourself and the authorized person will need to email the Isolation Housing Coordinator at to get permission.
      • The Isolation Coordinator reserves the right to deny requests, as this should only be in the case of necessary items that were accidentally left behind (medication, textbooks, etc.).
      • You may not have any interaction with the authorized person or anyone one else while the items are being dropped off.
      • The items must be retrieved from the main door of Ross Hall within 10 minutes of being dropped off.
      • The items must be clearly labeled to avoid items being picked up by the wrong person.
      • Butler University and Residence Life are not liable for items that are damaged or missing during a drop-off.
  •  Can my parents/family go to my room to retrieve items?
    • Yes. Your family will need to email the Isolation Housing Coordinator at to get approved as an authorized pick-up person.
    •  This will need to take place prior to picking you up from Isolation Housing.
    • Only one person will be allowed to enter your room and cannot have contact with your roommates while they are picking up belongings.
    • The approved person will need to check in at the front desk, get confirmation, and be escorted to your room.
  • Will someone be checking on me?​
    • You will receive an initial call from a Contact Tracer when you are placed into isolation.
    • A Contact Tracer will then call you on Day 5 and Day 10 of your isolation to check in.
    • The Isolation Housing Coordinator will check in periodically to see how you are doing as well.
  • What do I do if I get locked out?
    • Please carry your room key with you at all times and do not exit the building to avoid getting locked out.
    • If you get locked out of the building or locked out of your room, please call the BUPD non-emergency number (317-940-2873) to be let in.
  • Should I still attend classes if they are virtual?
    • Yes, it is expected that you are still attending virtual classes while in isolation. If classes are in-person, you will not be able to attend.
    • If you need someone to notify your professors that you are unable to attend class, please email the Isolation Housing Coordinator (
    • It is your responsibility to make up missed work. We encourage you to work directly with your professors to make up assignments, per the syllabus.

Contact List


  • Non-Emergency: 317-940-2873
  • Emergency: 317-940-9999

Isolation Housing Coordinator

Health Services

  • Business Hours: Call 317-940-9385
  • After Hours: Text

Call the BUPD Emergency Number (317-940-9999) in the event of any emergency.