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Washington, DC learning semester
Washington, DC Learning Semester

DC Learning Semester FAQ

May I apply to the program if I do not meet the requirements?

Yes, you may. Include a cover letter in your application package and identify the academic and personal reasons that would make you a legitimate exception to the requirements. Also, please understand that selection for the program first goes to those students who meet the minimum requirements.

Can I participate in the program during the summer?

No. At this point, the program only operates during the fall and spring semesters.

Do I have to be in a specific department to participate?

Absolutely not. Students from all six colleges can participate in the DC Semester.

Can I receive credit for my internship?

Yes, you can receive academic credit for your internship. The amount of credit you receive varies by department. Lacy School of Business students receive 3 credits for their internship. Other departments award 3-9 credits for internships. Please check the internship guidelines for your department to find out how many credits you may receive for a full-time internship (30-40 hours per week).

Who do we room with?

Students live in double or triple suites. Space permitting, students may request their preference both for the suite and their roommate(s). If you do not request a roommate, you will most likely be in a suite with other Butler students. Several other universities and colleges rent rooms in the Washington Center, so students will have the opportunity to meet students from Notre Dame, South Carolina, Colorado, and Montana, to name a few.

Can I carry internship credits in more than one department?

Yes, as long as you follow the guidelines from each department.

Can I enroll in an internship course outside my major?

Students wishing to enroll in an internship course outside their major must meet with the faculty internship coordinator in the department for which they wish to receive credit and explain their situation to him/her. Most departments only allow their majors to register for internships, however, exceptions might be made. These exceptions are up to the individual departments.

How are internship sites determined?

The spring semester prior to participating in the program, every applicant meets with our DC internship coordinator, Dr. Judi Morrel. During these meetings, the student discusses his/her academic major and career interests with Dr. Morrel. When she returns to DC, she contacts companies and organizations to find internship sites for students.

May I receive Honors credit for a course I take in DC?

Yes, you may. You must contact the  Honors Program Director to discuss options.

May I receive GHS credit for spending a semester in DC?

No, you may not. Sorry.

Can the DC Seminars (one-credit pass/fail courses) count toward my major?

No, because they are pass/fail courses. If your department wishes to substitute a DC Seminar with a departmental course for one-credit, you may enroll in that department course.

Do the DC Seminars count towards my maximum of four pass/fail courses?

No, they do not, as they are only one credit each.

Are internships paid?

The majority of internship sites in D.C. do not pay interns. Students usually work Monday through Thursday while in DC, so it is possible to pick up a weekend part-time job at one of the restaurants, hotels, and retail stores within walking distance of the residence hall.

Can an adjunct faculty member or lecturer supervise an independent study?


Can a non-Butler professor write my faculty letter or recommendation?


Are TV's, phones, sheets, etc. provided by the Washington Center?

WISH provides a TV (with cable) and internet connections for each suite. Phones are not provided. Students should bring their own sheets for the twin beds (extra long).

Do I need my car in DC?

No, you do not. The city and surrounding areas (including Baltimore and Annapolis) are completely accessible by bus, metro and Amtrak trains. Taxi cabs with DC are not expensive. However, if you cannot live without your car, there are two garages available to park it in: one is a couple of blocks from the Washington Center, the other is at the Rosslyn metro stop. Monthly parking fees will range from $90.00–$150.00 per month.