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Addressing Incidents of Bias the Butler Way

Report an Incident

All members of the community are encouraged to report incidents of bias they observe or experience.

What Happens When Students Complete an Online Bias Incident Report?

Immediate Response
  1. The Interim Dean of Students will reach out to the student submitting the report (if identified) to offer care, support, and resources. The outreach will normally occur within 48 hours of receiving the report. The Interim Dean of Students will also consult about reporting options.
  2. Reports involving faculty and staff will be directed to Human Resources. Faculty reports will also be directed to the Dean of a faculty member’s college.
Short-Term Response

The Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART), convened by the Interim Dean of Students, will meet to review reports that need additional perspectives or the incident rises to a level of potential community harm. (See below.)

BART may:

  1. Direct report to appropriate office for resolution in accordance with applicable University policies. 
  2. Assess avenues for minimizing or eliminating the possibility of future harm.
  3. Appoint individuals to provide ongoing support to the individual(s) affected by incident.
  4. Support on going community healing and educational outreach.
Long-Term Response

BART will:

  1. Aggregate data and response actions into an annual report.
  2. Share annual report with appropriate offices to identify gaps and make institutional recommendations.
  3. Inform entities engaged in ongoing educational initiatives of annual report findings and recommendations.

Bias Assessment and Response Team Mission

The Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART) is a collaborative work group that strives to create a respectful, hate-free campus environment by 1) supporting those who experience harm and, 2) by seeking remedies to incidents of bias. When University policies are alleged to be violated, remedies include consultation about official reporting options. Through timely and thoughtful action, we work toward building an inclusive campus that welcomes the perspectives, voices, and gifts of all community members.

BART Members

  • Martha Dziwlik, Interim Dean of Students
  • John Conley, Chief of Public Safety
  • Anila Din, Associate Vice President Human Resources
  • Gina Forrest, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Terri Jett, Associate Professor of Political Science and Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Daniel Meyers, Director of the Center for Faith and Vocation
  • Frank Ross, Vice President for Student Affairs

Reporting Bias Incidents to BUPD

Bias incidents or hate crimes may be reported to the Butler University Police Department.

  • You may choose this option if you would like to pursue a criminal process related to the incident.
  • BUPD is located at 525 W. Hampton Drive.
  • By phone at 317-940-9999 (emergencies) or 317-940-9396 (non-emergency).