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Romeo and Juliet


We are an incubator for the next generation of theatre artists.

Renowned as one of the best programs in the country, Butler Theatre strives to push the boundaries of our art as we create innovative productions and instill in our graduates an entrepreneurial spirit that will help them to succeed in an ever-changing market. With a strong liberal arts foundation, we foster the development of well-rounded, critical-thinking artists who can plot their own successful path in theatre and in life.

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2015-2016 Season

Buy tickets and learn more about Butler Theatre’s 2015-2016 performance season.


Interested in joining the Theatre Department? Learn more about the application and audition process. 

Why Butler?

Find out why Butler’s Department of Theatre is right for you. 

Faculty & Staff

Our supportive faculty help our students to succeed both inside and outside the classroom. 


Real-world work experience is an important part of the degree program. 

Study Abroad

Butler University encourages students to study in international settings as part of their academic experience.