Theatre Majors & Minors

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The program of study in Theatre, whether our BFA in Acting or our BA degree, combines rigorous production work with four required courses in each major area of theatre: performance, design/tech, analysis/critical studies. This firm foundation provides the basis for students to choose their own path. With either of our degree options, they can excel in multiple areas within theatre and/or undertake an Emphasis Area in a particular area of theatre. Butler Theatre mainstage production work (TH 100, 101, 300, 301) provides students with a breadth of hands-on experiences in a wide variety of genres, venues, and approaches to theatre in production.

The program of study in Arts Administration—Theatre is designed to provide students with a cohesive preparation for professional work in the management of arts organizations, particularly in areas relating to the administration of theatre. Through balanced study in theatre, business (accounting, economics, marketing, etc.), and communications (public relations, advertising, information management, etc.), students gain a broad spectrum of skills in a collaborative environment. More information about the BS in Arts Administration-Theatre degree can be found here. Students wishing to pursue an administrative career and a career or graduate school in Theatre may want to undertake a double major in Theatre and Arts Administration—Theatre which can be found here.

For students wishing to teach middle and high school Theatre, we have a new double degree with the College of Education that combines our BA in Theatre with a BS in Middle Secondary Education with Theatre Licensure which can be found here.

All programs are structured to enable students to pursue a secondary major or minor of their choice.

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