Education Records Maintained at Butler University

Various university offices maintain documents that comprise the student’s educational record. The following list is an overview of the educational records maintained along with the offices primarily responsible for the maintenance. Access to these records is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). See Privacy Rights of Students at Butler University below for more information.

All academic records are available to the president of the University and the provost to examine as necessary for the overall supervision of the academic program.

Custodian of records Records maintained Other personnel approved for access
Registration and Records Office Cumulative academic record, earlier transcripts, test scores (SAT, ACT, AP, IB, CLEP), placement credit, honors, petition actions Academic dean, academic advisor, full-time faculty, student affairs staff, financial aid staff—for checking eligibility progress toward degree, academic requirements, making of awards
Business Office Financial records (listing charges, payments, financial records) Business office staff, and when necessary collection agency or, attorney for accounting and securing payments; financial aid staff
Financial Aid Office All loan, work, grant and scholarship applications; financial aid forms; notifications of awards; records are kept for five years Director of Admission and financial aid staff
Vice President for Student Affairs Records of personal achievements, involvement, student conduct cases, housing records Student affairs staff, members of student conduct appeals board, business office staff, financial aid staff, athletic coaches, and college deans.
Jordan College of the Arts Admission recommendations audition records Department heads, academic advisors, appropriate instructors, for guidance
College/School Graduate recommendations, test scores Academic advisors, for guidance
Director of Public Safety University Police Department case reports on reportable incidents (e.g., fire, accident injury, theft, disturbance) Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Student, student conduct bodies for appropriate action; business office staff and insurance company (if claim involved); Health Services (if treatment or transportation supplied or required)