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Butler's New Sciences Complex

A ground-level rendering of the planned exterior of the new Sciences Complex. The new atrium will connect the Holcomb Building and Gallahue Hall.

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Down to a Science

The expansion and renovation of Butler's Sciences complex is underway.

The $100 million investment includes high-tech classrooms that promote learning by doing, labs that mimic the set-up at top research companies, and work spaces encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Classroom spaces will enable faculty to step away from the podium and move among students in a more hands-on approach to instruction.



  • High-tech classrooms that will promote learning by doing and will reflect the interdisciplinary nature of science
  • State-of-the-art lab spaces that mimic top research companies
  • Science Innovation Center and learning spaces designed with collaboration in mind
  • Library Learning Gateway and Collaboration Area—an inspiring, creative space


A rendering of the planned interior of the Sciences Complex atrium: a spacious area with a lot of seating and windows from ceiling to floor on the curved wall.


A rendering of a Sciences Complex classroom: an open room with tables surrounding the perimeter. The tables have sets of rolling chairs arranged around them, and each table has a large monitor nearby.


A rendering of a general sciences classroom. Several large tables are arranged in rows with sets of rolling chairs on either side. A large whiteboard is at the front of the room, and the sides have shelves filled with equipment and supplies.

General Sciences Classroom

A rendering of a biochem research lab planned for the new facility. A large room with many lab stations, divided by walls with shelving for supplies.

Bio Chem Research Lab

A rendering of a planned biology teaching lab. Many large square tables are surrounded by sets of rolling chairs. Shelves, workspaces, and fume hoods line the walls.

Biology Teaching Lab

A rendering of a planned organic chemistry teaching lab, featuring workstations comprised of rectangular tables pushed together and rolling chairs. An island with four fume hoods reaching to the ceiling is next to a table.

Organic Chemistry Teaching Lab

A rendering of a planned physics electronic lab. Workstations are comprised of tables with raised backs pushed back-to-back with rows of rolling chairs; several of these workstations are arranged against the wall; space for a lecturer is to the side

Physics Electronic Lab

A rendering of the Innovation Center for the Sciences Complex. A large, open space with many tables and seating arrangements to facilitate collaboration and discovery.

Innovation Center

A rendering of the planned Science Library: an inspiring, creative space with seating clusters where groups can work on class presentations and quiet spaces for students to review the notes from the day’s lab.

Science Library


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