Summer Session Registration

Current Butler students should register for summer classes in the same way they register for fall or spring classes using

Graduate students must apply for Graduate Admission to be admitted. Although graduate students may take an unlimited number of courses as a non-degree student, a maximum of 12 credits taken as a non-degree student may be applied toward the student’s selected master’s degree program.

Undergraduate students at other institutions who want to take undergraduate classes during the summer but do not want to be admitted to a degree program may do so through Summer Guest Program. There is no fee to apply, and no transcripts from your home school are required. We accept registration requests up to the day before the class starts. A maximum of 18 credit hours may be taken. Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Choose your classes. Check Class Search (summer schedule available by mid-December) for summer schedule details: updates, descriptions, days and times, dates, and available seats.
  2. Complete the Summer Guest Student Registration Form (PDF). Mail or fax the complete document to the address on the form. Please be sure to sign and return both pages. We will begin processing summer guest student registration forms two weeks after summer registration opens.
  3. We will send you an email confirmation of your class registration after your enrollment.
  4. The Office of Student Accounts offers electronic billing statements (E-Bills).

Academic Calendar

The summer session is a 14-week term comprised of two parts.

  • Final exams will be held during the last scheduled class session.
  • Academic calendar drop/add/withdraw dates are calculated by determining the number of weeks a course meets; the calendar is the same for each part of term.
  • Registration for courses is open until the close of the drop/add period for each course.
  • For the exact full refund date and other information regarding the Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule(s) for summer courses (typically available mid-April), please contact the Office of Student Accounts directly at or 317-940-9353.
Course LengthLast day to Add(expressed in termsof calendar days fromstart of the session)Last day to Drop(expressed in termsof calendar days fromstart of the session)Last day to withdraw(expressed in termsof calendar days fromstart of the session)
One week1st day1st day3rd day
Two weeks1st day2nd day8th day
Three weeks1st day3rd day12th day
Four weeks3rd day4th day18th day
Five weeks3rd day5th day23rd day
Six weeks3rd day6th day26th day
Seven weeks3rd day7th day31st day
Eight weeks3rd day8th day33rd day
Nine weeks5th day9th day40th day
Ten weeks5th day10th day47th day
Eleven weeks5th day11th day52nd day
Twelve weeks5th day12th day58th day
Thirteen weeks5th day13th day61st day
Fourteen weeks5th day14th day66th day

Additional Information

  • Accommodations for Students with Disabilities—It is the policy and practice of Butler University to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities; documentation is required. Students who have, or think they may have, a disability (psychiatric, attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical, medical, etc.) are invited to contact Student Disability Services for a confidential discussion in Jordan Hall, Room 136, or by phone at 800-368-6852, ext. 9308. Accommodation requests are individually considered on a case-by-case basis; please allow at least one week’s advance notice. Otherwise, it cannot be guaranteed that the accommodation can be received on a timely basis.
  • Parking—All full- and part-time students must register vehicles with the Butler University Police Department. Visit Parking Services for additional information and the registration form. Parking maps are available at Parking Services at 4702 Sunset Avenue, Suite 500.
  • Student Identification—Students may obtain student identification cards from Parking Services, located at 4702 Sunset Avenue, Suite 500.