Faculty Late Add FAQs

There is an online workflow process in My.Butler.edu for students who are enrolling in a course after the 5th day of classes. Below are questions most frequently asked by faculty regarding the new Late Add online process.

How do I set up a delegate to act on my behalf?

  • Log in to My.Butler and navigate to BU Campus Solutions>BU Advisor Access>Use>-SR SS AWE Delegate Setup
  • Enter/Search for the individual (by username) to whom you are delegating the Late Add responsibility
  • Enter a begin and end date for the delegation to be in effect

Can a student use the new online process to change to a different section number of the same course?

No, a “swap” (changing section numbers within the same course) must continue to be processed using a paper drop/add form.

Can first-year students use the new online process to add a class after the fifth day of classes?

Yes, they can.  They should follow the instructions at: How do I add a class after the fifth day of classes?

Can non-degree students use the new online process to add a class after the fifth day of classes?

No, non-degree students must continue to use the paper drop/add form to process a Late Add.

Can students submit a late add request for multiple classes?

Students may submit multiple late add requests, but these requests must be submitted one at a time within their Enrollment Shopping Cart. Students select the “Request Approval” checkbox for one class, provide an explanation in the “Student Comments” text box, click “Submit”, and then repeat the process for the next class. Refer students to ask.butler.edu for more information.

Can a student use the new online process to request a Late Add if he/she has a hold on his/her record?

No, if there’s a “hold” on the record that prevents adds/drops, they will need to resolve the situation and have the “hold” removed before they can request a Late Add. Learn more about holds and how they can impact registration.