PA Student Groups

Health Sciences Student Assembly (HSSA)

This is considered to be the “umbrella” organization over all College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) organizations. HSSA is comprised of a representative from each COPHS student organization and a class officer. Any COPHS student is welcome to attend any of the monthly meetings. HSSA representatives also serve on College committees with faculty to offer ideas and feedback on programs, student services, and class needs. HSSA representatives have made significant contributions to the revision of course evaluations, cluster exam schedules, the Student Handbook, pharmacy and PA professional orientations, classroom needs, and other policies that affect the student body of COPHS.

PA Club (PAC)

The purpose of the PA Club (PAC) is as the official organization for PA students, to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence and to promote the PA as a member of the health-care team.

Pi Alpha

Pi Alpha is the national PA honor society organized for the promotion and recognition of significant academic achievement, leadership, research, community/professional service, and related activities, and the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among both PA students and graduates. The Butler University chapter of Pi Alpha was chartered in 2005.

PA Partners in Success

The Butler PA Partners in Success mentoring program is a student run program that aims to match new incoming MPAS1 students with MPAS2 students. This program connects students with a mentor that can answer their questions and concerns about PA school and help them navigate their first year. The program pairs students with mentors based on personal preferences to help make the transition into the MPAS1 year smoothly.