Drug Information Service

The Drug Information Service at Butler University is an academic-based drug information center. This valuable resource provides relevant, unbiased clinical services to healthcare professionals directly affiliated with Butler’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. It answers a vast array of medical questions and provides thorough, evidence-based drug information.


The Butler University Drug Information Service is equipped with various medical and pharmacy resources. This Electronic References page provides a list of electronic drug information references available for use by Butler faculty and students.

Additional resources can be accessed on the Butler University Libraries’ website.


The Drug Information Center is located in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences building on Butler’s campus. It is staffed by the Director of Drug Information, who is a registered pharmacist and drug information specialist. The Drug Information Center is also a rotation site for Doctor of Pharmacy students, which allows student pharmacists to develop their skills related to searching, retrieving, critically evaluating, and applying medical literature.

Our service is available free of charge to COPHS faculty and healthcare professionals who actively precept Butler’s pharmacy and PA students. It is also available to pharmacists in Indiana who are employed by companies participating in Butler’s Professional Partners Program. This service is NOT open to the public, nor do we answer questions directly from consumers or patients.

The Drug Information Service responds primarily to non-urgent, drug information requests and usually within two to three business days. The center is not open on weekends and it does observe university holidays. During the summer months of June and July, the service operates on an abbreviated schedule.

Telephone: 317-940-3434
Fax: 317-940-8520
Annette McFarland, PharmD
Director of the Drug Information Service
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice