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Parking Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you issue more permits than the number of parking spots?

At this time, Butler's policy for residential (B permits) and long-term (I permits) will be to only issue as many permits as there are parking spaces. This will be held to during the fall semester and the situation will be evaluated prior to the spring semester to see if additional permits should be made available due to vehicles being removed from campus (study abroad, transfers, un-enrollment or graduation). This is important in order to ensure that available spaces are going to those that need them. 

As has been common practice for many years, we will continue to issue more faculty/staff permits (A) and commuter permits (C) than we have spaces, since not all faculty/staff and commuters are on campus at the same times. These policies may be revised as needed to manage capacity and demand.

Butler parking permits provide you with permission to park your vehicles on campus, but do not guarantee that you will find the space you want in the lot of your choice. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, which means you should allow sufficient time in your schedule to find a parking space and walk to your destination. 

Permitting of all vehicles brought onto campus is important for many reasons including the security of our students and employees, effective management of a scarce resource, and revenue generation to maintain the facilities appropriately. Any individual who brings a vehicle onto campus must display a valid permit on the vehicle. Fines are issued for failure to comply with these rules.

If I live in University Terrace, Butler Terrace, or CTS, will I be able to park on the main campus?

Yes. A UT, BT, or CTS permit (T) is a flex permit that allows you use of the Hinkle lot and Commuter (C permit) spaces. Overnight parking will be prohibited in the Hinkle lot and C permit spaces at all times. Obtaining a one of these decals will also give you access to the parking garage with your ID badge. No overnight parking is permitted in the garage. 

Will there still be open (no permit required) parking on campus past 5 p.m. each day?

No. Any vehicle on University owned or leased property that is parked by faculty, staff, students, or contractors requires a permit 24 hours a day/7 days a week. There will be a few exceptions for major events and conferences in order to accommodate guests and visitors, but these will be communicated through clear signage at the affected lots, and in our daily online newsletter, Connection.

Unless otherwise noted, all lots require that vehicles display an appropriate permit at all times. Open parking will not be allowed in the evening hours.

Can my visitors park in all lots on the weekends?

Visitors may park in the Sunset Avenue Parking garage or in the Hinkle Lot. Permit requirements are enforced on weekends. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to read the lot signs, or view the Parking Map, to understand what group(s) can park where.

At no time should students with permits (B, C, G, I, T, HV) park in visitors, faculty/staff, or commuter spaces on weekends.

I live off campus and visit the HRC to workout; do I need a permit to park in the Hinkle lot?

Yes. All registered students and active employees who bring a vehicle to campus for any reason must have a valid parking permit. Failure to do so could result in a ticket.

Students who live off campus may purchase a "C" Permit for $125. This allows parking in commuter spaces located in the Resco and Hinkle parking lots, as well as along Sunset Avenue and 49th Street.

The Hinkle lot will have three designations: overflow, commuter, and faculty/staff. If you are a faculty/staff or a student, you must have a permit to park in the Hinkle lot.  Random checks will be made and tickets will be issued if faculty, staff, or students park in the Hinkle lot without appropriate permits. If you are a visitor or guest to the University, you can park in the Overflow only area of the Hinkle lot without a permit. Overnight parking in this lot is strictly prohibited.   

I’m a Greek student, and I only park in my private lot. Do I need a permit?

No. But, if you plan to park on campus property, you will need a permit. You can purchase an "B" or "I" permit depending upon where you plan to park. Failure to have a permit on your vehicle when parking on campus owned or controlled property could result in a ticket.

Do you anticipate more changes to parking in the future?

Butler's parking culture will continue to evolve as we update our Campus Master Plan. We all want Butler to flourish and to be in a position to add new state-of-the-art facilities that are central to our mission of providing students with the highest quality of education. We will work with students, faculty, and staff throughout the coming school year to understand how the parking changes have impacted them (both positively and negatively) and receive feedback and input on any additional changes that may be necessary.

Could there be additional changes with parking designations this academic year? Can I have a voice?

Yes. The University will continue to monitor the new changes and, if necessary, adjust regulations governing certain lots to accommodate trends. Faculty, staff, and students can submit suggestions to the Office of Parking Services.

For the 2017-2018 academic year: "G" permits were combined with "B" permits and made available to both students living in the residence halls and to those in Greek Housing. The "HV" decal name was changed to "AV" with no change in parking area. The lot north of Irwin Library was closed for the construction of the Lacy School of Business.