Lacy School Career Mentors

Lifelong Relationships

From their first day on campus, students begin working with a personal career mentor. These former executives worked at companies such as Cummins, Anthem, Roche, and IBM and have significant professional business experience. Career mentors help students discover career paths and interests—and how to structure their time at Butler to meet their goals.

In the Words of a Career Mentor

While teaching career skills, we teach life skills. Authenticity, persistence, resilience, gratitude, and the power of human connection. The payoff for our students is more than a job, it’s the path to a fulfilling life.

—Randy Brown, formerly Chief HR Officer, WellPoint (Anthem)

Giving students the motivation and opportunity to explore and create themselves during their college years is a joy. Developing strategies for success and guiding students to achieve beyond their own expectations is the most rewarding part of mentorship.  I learn as much as the students do in the process.

—Eloise Paul, formerly Senior VP of Merchandising, Paul Harris

Lacy School Career Mentors

Jennifer Bauchner
Headshot of Jennifer Bauchner
Executive Career Mentor
Randy Brown
Headshot of Randy Brown
Executive Career Mentor

Lori Coe
Headshot of Lori Coe
Associate Director, Career and Professional Success

Ed Friel
Headshot of Ed Friel
Executive Career Mentor

Michael Hasik
Headshot of Michael Hasik
Executive Career Mentor

Ray Kennedy
Executive Career Mentor
Samuel LeStourgeon
Headshot of Samuel LeStourgeon
Executive Career Mentor

Robert Marchesani
Headshot of Robert Marchesani
Executive Career Mentor

Dawn May
Executive Career Mentor
Carrie Meyer
Executive Career Mentor
Chad Miller
Headshot of Chad Miller
Lecturer in Applied Business Technology

Mark Moore
Headshot of Mark Moore
Executive Career Mentor
George Newhart
Executive Career Mentor

Eloise Paul
Headshot of Eloise Paul
Executive Career Mentor
Kay Reddick
Executive Career Mentor
Rob Roach
Executive Career Mentor
Barry Simich
Headshot of Barry Simich
Executive Career Mentor
Jane Surges
Executive Career Mentor
Mike Thomas
Headshot of Mike Thomas
Senior Associate Director, Career and Professional Success

Administrative Support

Taiylor Fields
Headshot of Taiylor Fields
Administrative Specialist for LSB Career Dev., Career and Professional Success