Global Opportunities

At Butler, we believe in a truly global education. It starts on campus, with courses designed to provide you with broad cultural context and historical understanding. But that’s just the beginning. We encourage you to get out of the classroom, off campus, and even out of the country—because education doesn’t stop at Butler’s borders. The lessons you learn from venturing beyond the familiar can’t be taught in a classroom alone, and they are lessons you’ll never forget.

Approximately one-third of business students study abroad and a wide-variety of options are available. The Andre B. Lacy School of Business has business exchange relationships with universities in France, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Germany, The United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Netherlands. In addition to study abroad programs, the Lacy School also permits students to complete an internship abroad and/or participate in short-term classes, such as Leadership London, for academic credit.

Over 110 general study abroad options in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Region, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, and Ireland are offered through the Center for Global Education.

Some students combine their study abroad experience and their internship requirement by interning internationally. You’ll learn what it’s like to work in another country and with other cultures. In today’s increasingly international business environment it is especially important to understand and respect other cultures. Students have participated in internships in Taiwan, Germany, Chile and Ireland.

During my internship with Merck in China, I had the opportunity to work in an international business environment while exploring the nuances and quirky aspects of Chinese culture.  I had a very rewarding experience working for a multinational company overseas, and I recommend that business students take initiative to work and study abroad.” — Erik

Leadership London is a seminar-style, site-based course taught in London, England. London’s resources, institutions, and history are used as the backdrop for exploring the cultural, historical, and ethical issues relevant to leadership. Every afternoon, students visit a site in London related to the following morning’s class discussion. Learn More.

As businesses expand their worldwide operations, more and more firms demand employees with international experience. Studying abroad during your college years will give you a comparative advantage over the competition, increase your understanding of the global economy and allow you to begin assembling a diverse network of business contacts. Butler’s Lacy School of Business has established student exchange partnerships at the following universities by region. For more information on any of the programs below, contact Dr. Bill Templeton, Professor of Finance, Lacy School of Business.

Located in Ningbo, China, in the coastal providence of Zhejiang, this university is an overseas campus of the host campus in the UK, which is one of Europe’s leading business schools. The business program is dedicated to preparing students for the global environment, guided by three principles: international focus, interactive education, and innovative classes and solutions. The school has a diverse staff from over 20 countries and encourages learning outside of the classroom, mainly through its over 60 clubs.

Located in vibrant Hong Kong, Lingnan University is a great place for students interested in fields such as international business, international studies, cultural anthropology, history, Chinese studies and Asia-Pacific regional studies. You do not need to know any Chinese to function easily in Hong Kong. About half of Lingnan University’s courses are taught completely in English but the University offers beginning and intermediate courses in Mandarin designed for exchange students. The university can also help to arrange “language partnerships” where a native speaker of Chinese and a native speaker of English pair up to help each other practice the target language.

“Hong Kong is an amazing city! It is so diverse and cosmopolitan…I like to refer to it as the NYC of Asia, only much cleaner. There was never a lack of things to do and see in HK. Also, my exchange group was huge (over 100 students), with people from all over the world. I encourage everyone to consider going to Asia at least once in their lives.” — Heidi

AUT’s Faculty of Business has excellent programs in accounting, marketing, management, advertising, information technology and tourism. You will take three bachelor of business modules (courses) each semester. This constitutes a full-time academic load. In addition to business programs, AUT offers a wide range of other courses and degree programs.

“Spending a semester at AUT in New Zealand was one of the greatest life experiences! AUT is a great school with a diverse student body. During my time in NZ, I was able to become a part of the culture and see (almost) the entire country…It is truly one of the most beautiful places with some of the friendliest people.” — Rachel

Audencia School of Management is ranked as the sixth best business college in France. The school is located in Nantes, a city about the size of Indianapolis, in the western part of the country. Audencia is part of the UN Global Compact, which links the university with corporate partners to develop and sustain the global economy. Students will have the chance to learn about and meet local firms for hands-on experience. Many business classes are taught in English, but French classes are also available. Although a working knowledge of French is recommended to ease life outside of class, no prior language skills are required.

“My study abroad experience was by far the highlight of my college career. Aside from being exposed to international people, thoughts, and attitudes, I was able to travel, make new friends, and be truly independent. I learned how to navigate the hardships and challenges that come with moving to a new country and grew my self-sufficiency and confidence. Audencia was one of the best experiences of my life and one I will never forget.” — Jessie

Students who choose Cardiff University will study at a top-ranked university with a unique Welsh cultural experience. It is one of the UK’s most popular universities and is an internationally recognized centre for teaching and research. Cardiff is a small city and the capital of Wales. Approximately 20 percent of the population is students making it safe, friendly and affordable. It is a walkable city with culture, sports and entertainment and a 2 hour train ride to London.

Located in Marseille, France, Kedge Business School offers a diverse experience and a new perspective on international business. About half of the bachelor level classes are taught in English and Butler students can fulfill some business core classes such as Marketing, Operations Management, and Finance. While you can get by without speaking French, a student club offers “survival French” classes to exchange students each term.

Maastricht University

The Universiteit Maastricht is one of Europe’s premier institutions for business education. Using an exclusively English-based curriculum, it prepares students for professional careers in both an academic and a practical sense. In this way, the knowledge students acquire is directly and immediately employed in solving real-world problems.

Maastricht classes are grouped around a common theme that is explored for the length of a “block” or eight-week period. Block subjects vary widely and many maintain an international perspective. Maastricht also offers an optional 12-week course in Dutch language and culture for exchange students in order to strengthen their communication skills and increase familiarity with Dutch society. For more information, contact Robert Bennett, Professor of Business Law.

Set on beautiful Lake Constance in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Zeppelin University is a small, private institution with approximately 250-300 students. Professors teach seminar classes where discussion is a staple learning tool and students are heavily engaged. Experts from the community provide students with valuable first-hand experience and advice. Many business classes are taught in English and German language classes are available. Introduction to German for Foreign Students is a required class for those exchange students who do not already speak German. For more information, contact Robert Bennett, Professor of Business Law.

“Zeppelin University is a school that I admire a great deal…All of the students seem to have this desire to learn, it’s a very collaborative environment, and is very different in many ways from colleges in the US. I took some of the most rigorous and challenging courses that I have ever taken while attending Zeppelin, and it truly helped to improve my critical thinking and collaborative abilities with classmates.” — Kaitlin

PUCV is the largest and most internationally oriented university in the region of Valparaíso, Chile. It offers classes in accounting and business management, as well as a wide variety of courses in other departments. Exchange students enroll at PUCV as regular students and may take almost all courses according to their needs, their Spanish skills and academic background. PUCV provides many special services for international students, including an orientation and tutorial program, intensive Spanish language classes, a “language partnership” with a Chilean student and opportunities to volunteer in the community or participate in extracurricular activities.

“Studying abroad in Chile was the most amazing experience of my life. The faculty and staff at PUCV were helpful and did everything they could to make my transition to the Chilean way of life as smooth as possible. I was able to take all the classes I wanted, and had enough down time to travel within South America. I also found that living with a host family allowed me to get involved in more activities and see more of Chile than if I had lived on my own. If you are worried about the Chilean Spanish, don’t be. Everyone is so kind and will work with you to improve your Spanish speaking abilities.” — Kathryn