Master of Music in Music Education

A flexible degree for full-time educators.

Designed for music educators currently teaching in a K-12 setting, Butler University’s Master of Music in Music Education program utilizes a hybrid model with both distance learning and in-person instruction.  The degree is comprised of coursework over three years, including intensive, two-week, on-campus summer residencies.  This model allows the music educator’s own classroom to become the laboratory for advancing teaching and applying best practices while maintaining full-time employment.  All courses are taught utilizing collaborative technologies and in-person meetings to allow for both accessibility and the development of meaningful connections between professors and other student-colleagues.

Students may also elect an Emphasis in Rehearsal and Conducting Studies, utilizing ensembles within their current teaching setting.  Related coursework will include individualized conducting and rehearsal instruction via remote access (or in person if possible) by Butler University conducting faculty. Students may elect an emphasis in a different area of study, pending advisor approval.

Application Deadline: January 1 for Fall 2023 entry

Steps for Applying:

Step 1: Complete the Application for Graduate Admission. NOTE: To submit a graduate application, you need to have previously completed a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and be seeking an advanced degree. Your Application for Graduate Admission should include:

  • Butler Application​​
  • A Professional Statement
  • Official transcripts  or copies of official transcripts from all colleges and universities where candidates:
    • Earned a degree
    • Earned more than 15 credits (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Completed any program prerequisite (regardless of number of credit hours)
    • Completed courses for which candidates are applying for transfer credit
  • Resumé
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • International applicants must provide proof of a minimum level of proficiency in the English language as well as submit additional financial documentation. See the International Student Application process.

Copies of official transcripts may be uploaded in the online application for application review only. Applicants who receive an offer of admission will be required at that time to submit official final transcripts issued directly from the institution(s) for verification prior to enrollment. More information is available in the application for admission.

Step 2: Complete the JCA Graduate Music Supplement. The supplement will appear on your application status page after submitting your Application for Graduate Admission. The supplement is required in order for your application to be considered complete. No pre-screening or performance audition required.

Step 3: Interview with Music Education faculty. To schedule an interview, contact the School of Music office at or Dr. Brian Weidner, This degree program does not require pre-screening materials or a performance audition.

Total Credit Hours: 31 credit hours with Final Project or  34 credit hours with Thesis
Anticipated Duration: 2-3 years
Degree options: Choice between the Master of Music Education with a Final Project or  with a Thesis. Optional Emphasis in Rehearsal and Conducting Studies.

Required Courses:
  • Historical & Philosophical Foundations of American Music Education
  • Research Design & Implementation for the Music Educator
  • Pedagogy (Music Theory or other offerings)
  • Psychology and Sociology of Music
  • Music Education for Diverse Learners
  • Curriculum Design and Assessment in Music Education
  • Critical Issues in Contemporary Music Education
  • Designated Musicology and Music Theory electives
  • Final Project or Thesis
Rehearsal and Conducting Emphasis:​
  • Graduate Conducting
  • Educational Practices for the Ensemble Rehearsal
  • Repertoire Studies for the School of Music Ensemble
Download full degree guides in PDF form:

MM in Music Ed with Final Project

MM in Music Ed with Thesis

Year 1


ME 511 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of American Music Education (2 credit hours)

ME 515 Research in Music Education (3 credit hours)


ME 512 Educational Practices for Ensemble Rehearsal (2 credit hours)

MT 513 Conducting Practices for the Ensemble Classroom (2 credit hours)


Graduate Music Theory or History course (3 credit hours)

Year 2


ME 553 Music Education for Diverse Learners (2 credit hours)

ME 514 Repertoire Studies for the Performance Classroom (2 credit hours)


ME 516 Curriculum Design and Assessment Practices in Music Education (2 credit hours)

ME 552 Psychology & Sociology of Music Education (2 credit hours)


Graduate Music Theory or History course (3 credit hours)

Year 3


MT 550 Music Theory Pedagogy (3 credit hours)


ME 758 Final Project in Music Education (3 credit hours ) or  ME 759 Thesis in Music Education

ME 510 Critical Issues in Music Education (2 credit hours)

Music Education
  • Dr. Penny Dimmick, Professor of Music Education, Coordinator of Music Education Area
  • Dr. Becky Marsh, Assistant Professor, Choral Music Ed
  • Dr. Brian Weidner, Assistant Professor, Instrumental Music Ed
  • Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Visiting Scholar in Music Ed
  • Dr. Matthew Pivec, Associate Professor, Director of Jazz Studies, Director of Jazz Ensemble
  • Dr. Trae Blanco, Director of Bands
  • Prof. Melissa Johnson, Director of Athletic Bands
  • Prof. Richard Clark, Director of Butler Symphony Orchestra
  • Dr. Eric Stark, Director of Choral Activities
  • Dr. John Perkins, Associate Director of Choral Activities

For application and admission questions , contact the School of Music office by email at or phone at 317-940-9065.

For curriculum questions, please contact Dr. Brian Weidner via email at or  phone at 317-940-6115.