Applying as an
International Student

There’s never been a better time to be a Bulldog! Butler University welcomes international students from around the world each year to campus. Our current student body represents 22 countries–and that number is quickly growing.

International applicants at Butler follow our standard application processes for First-Year, Transfer, or Graduate and Professional admission, with a few additional requirements. We’ve done our best to keep the process as streamlined as possible for you. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our international admission counselor—we’re here to help!

International Application Checklist

International applicants should follow the standard application checklists for the First-Year, Transfer, or Graduate and Professional admission processes, depending on the type of admission being sought. We don’t have a separate application for international students, but we do have a few additional requirements outlined below.

Not sure if you’re technically considered an “international” student or not? The questions in our applications will help determine that for you.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll need to complete your application, in addition to our standard application components:

International applicants can initially submit unofficial transcripts for the purpose of admission review.

If admitted, international applicants must submit original or certified/attested true copies of transcripts or marksheets from each secondary school (high school), college, or university attended. All transcripts must be sent directly from each school to the Office of Admission and must be accompanied by certified English translations. If relevant, include a school leaving certificate, certificate of secondary education, or matriculation examination.

You are not required to submit a credential evaluation up front, but this may be requested at a later date at our counselors’ discretion.

Transfer applicants should include syllabi or course descriptions for transfer credit evaluation.

Applicants must meet a minimum level of proficiency in the English language and submit proof of this proficiency to the Office of Admission. Minimum proficiency can be met by a number of exams or testing systems. See a full list of Butler’s English Proficiency Requirements here.

International applicants are asked to submit a clear copy of their passport.

While we only require evidence for the first year of study in order to issue an I-20, please consider that significantly more funding will be needed to complete your program of study. Typically, international students can complete a bachelor’s degree in four to six years and a master’s degree in two years.

Total of all sources listed must be at least $67,710 for undergraduate students; $32,170-$72,080 for graduate students; $9,725 for exchange students (per semester).

Evidence must be original documents or scanned copies if original documents, be less than six months old, and be in (or officially translated into) English. Acceptable documentary evidence can be one or a combination of the following:

  • Personal funding: statements from a bank or financial institution in YOUR name including the type of account, available balance in the account, and date.
  • Funds from family/sponsor: Official bank statement including full name of the account holder (this is your sponsor’s name), type of account, available balance in the account, and date. OR Letter from an officer of a bank or other financial institution stating the date the account was opened, total amount deposited for the past year and present balance.
  • Funds from scholarship/assistantship/fellowship: Award letter from the organization providing the scholarship, assistantship, or fellowship, written in English or with an official translation attached.

If you’re admitted and decide to study at Butler, you must also complete our Immigration Status/Application for Form I-20  in order to obtain your student visa. You’ll gain access to this form after submitting your enrollment deposit.

Once you complete the form, which includes biographical information, an affidavit of support, and financial sponsor information, we can issue your Form I-20 through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services SEVIS information system. Once you receive an I-20 from Butler University, you must pay the SEVIS fee and schedule an appointment to meet with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa.

International Admission Deadlines

Admission deadlines vary depending on whether you’re applying for first-year or transfer admission. Students applying for one of our graduate and professional programs should reference their specific program deadlines.

Butler offers both Early Action and Regular Decision deadlines for first-year fall applicants, including international students. We strongly encourage students to apply before our Early Action Deadline of November 1 to maximize their scholarship and admission consideration.

Early Action
Early Action benefits include full scholarship consideration, Honors Program eligibility, and an admission decision by December. 

August 1: Application opens
November 1: Early Action Deadline
May 1: Enrollment deposit deadline

We share Early Action admission decisions on a rolling basis between October and December. Early Action decisions are non-binding.

Regular Decision

August 1: Application opens
February 1: Regular Decision Deadline
May 1: Enrollment deposit deadline

We share Regular Decision admission decisions on a rolling basis between December and February.

We continue accepting applications for rolling admission after February 1, but you have a better chance at scholarships (and admission) if you apply by the Regular Decision Deadline.

August 1: Application opens
June 1: Priority application deadline for scholarship consideration
August 1: Enrollment deposit refund deadline

We continue accepting applications for rolling fall admission after June 1. We share transfer admission decisions on a rolling basis.

Butler admits both first-year and transfer applicants, including international students, for spring semester.

August 1: Application opens
November 1: Priority application deadline for scholarship consideration
January 1: Enrollment deposit refund deadline

We continue accepting applications for rolling spring admission after November 1. We share spring admission decisions on a rolling basis.

Additional Application Requirements

If you’re applying to one of these programs or identify with a population listed below, you may need to take a few extra steps to complete your application.

Majoring in the arts? You must complete an Art, Arts Administration, Dance, Music, or Theatre supplement in addition to the Common App. Please note that this requirement does not apply to students majoring in Art History.

Audition, portfolio review, or interview: All JCA majors except those majoring in Art History must also complete an audition, portfolio review, and/or interview. After completing your Common App and supplement, we’ll send you an email to select a date.

Learn more about Jordan College of the Arts admission

Pharmacy: To apply for transfer into the 4-year professional phase of the PharmD program, apply directly to the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS). Only complete the Common App if you are wishing to apply to the the pre-professional phase of the Pharmacy program. The recommended total cumulative GPA for prospective Pharmacy students is 3.0 or higher. Learn more about admission to the Physician Assistant Program here.

Physician Assistant: Learn more about admission to the Physician Assistant Program here.

Butler University has a formal agreement with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and their Program for Intensive English (PIE). This alternative pathway for admission to Butler University is designated for applicants who may not meet Butler’s English proficiency requirements. Information about the program may be found on IUPUI’s website. A separate application process to IUPUI’s PIE Program is required for admission.

The program supports students to achieve the required Level 6 passing level via the PIE Proficiency Exit Test. Students are asked to ensure the results are submitted to the Butler University Office of Admission so we can contact you about the next steps toward your enrollment at Butler.

Learn more about the Program for Intensive English