Mission & Values

JCA Mission Statement

The Jordan College of the Arts provides focused professional study and collaborative, creative experiences within the context of a strong liberal arts university. We value an inclusive and welcoming environment with a diverse range of artists, traditions, ideas, and audiences. We emphasize the development of students as artist-citizens who will become leaders in arts and society.

JCA Values


We are committed to providing an atmosphere of creative learning that embraces discipline, pushes beyond comfort levels, and values the axiom of “freedom to fail.” We believe in risk-taking and attempting the unknown.


We recognize the value that is created for students, faculty, staff, and the broader arts community when we work together across disciplines.


We are dedicated to our students, our individual professional artistic fields, and to the vitality of the arts. We have high standards and strive for excellence in all we do.


We are committed to recruiting and developing talented students, faculty, and staff from all populations. We embrace diversity of thought and perspective.


We encourage and empower our students to forge new creative paths in the arts. As faculty, we model the way as we stretch the boundaries of our artistic fields and explore new avenues of creative expression.


We prepare our students for successful careers in their disciplines by adhering to professional-level standards that mirror real-world expectations. We deliver the appropriate training; we demand professional behavior from our students.