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International Studies

The International Studies Program cuts across traditional barriers between intellectual disciplines and draws on the resources of the Departments of English, History, Geography and Anthropology, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, and Sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Department of Economics and International Management in the College of Business.

The curriculum is flexible; it can be adapted to meet the student’s individual interests and needs. Students are encouraged to pursue a second major or minor in a complementary discipline. Studying Abroad, although not required, is an important component of the program.

The Major offers students the cultural competency necessary to be successful in an increasingly complex and global job market. It prepares students for careers in government, international organizations, journalism, international consulting, international business, education, community development, and human rights work with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). It also provides a foundation for graduate work in such disciplines and programs of study of law, international studies, international relations, area studies, social sciences (anthropology, history, political science, sociology, etc.), comparative literature, religion studies, public policy and public administration. Butler University also provides a minor in International Studies.

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