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Individualized Majors
Individualized Majors Program

Individualized Majors FAQ

Butler Students

I'm considering an individualized major (IM). Where do I start?

Start by reading the guidelines which explain the basic rules for any IM. These are the standards by which the IM Committee will judge the proposal. If you think you have an idea that might work, make an appointment to discuss it with the chair of the individualized major committee.

When should I start thinking about an IM?

It's generally best to set up an individualized major in the sophomore year, though sometimes students manage to do it later. If you have ideas about an IM major in your first year, feel free to discuss it with the chair of the IM committee.

Who should be my faculty advisor?

Your faculty advisor should have expertise in the area of your individualized major, and should ideally know you. Your advisor should help you put together your proposal. If you have an idea but don't know who might serve as an advisor, the IM committee chair can help you identify possibilities. Sometimes you may have two advisors.

Is the IM program open to students outside of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences?

The IM is a major within LAS, but students with a major in another college may add an individualized major as a second major. They may also have their IM as a primary major, with a secondary major inside or outside the college. In either case, students must satisfy the LAS language requirement.