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Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment to be seen at Health Services?

Yes! This is the preferred method when needing to be seen by a nurse or doctor. To best utilize your time and ours, call ahead (317) 940-9385 to make an appointment or book your appointment online at

How much does it cost?

You are responsible for any deductibles, co-insurance and/or co-payments. All charges may be charged to your student account. There is no need to have cash on hand in order to be seen.  BUHS does have the ability to accept HSA and FSA credit cards.

Do you bill insurance companies?

Yes. Bring your insurance card and your student ID to the clinic when you visit.  Butler University  does not bill prescriptions from out dispensary, in-house lab tests or medical supplies to insurance.  These costs are billed directly to the student's bursar university account.  To pay for these services with an HSA card please contact 317-940-6066.

Questions specifically about the student health insurance waiver process and/or health insurance billing/claims should be directed to: 317-940-6066 or


What immunizations does Butler require?

All new students must submit an official immunization record to Health Services by established deadlines. Requirements are based on Indiana state law and recommendations by the CDC and the American College Health Association.

View a list of the Immunization requirements

What do I do if I get sick when Health Services isn't open?

Students who call after hours will get an answering machine advising them what to do. Some options include:

  • If it is not urgent, leave a message and a nurse will call them back on the next business day.
  • Go to a nearby urgent care center or emergency room: See resources on the after hours care page.
    • If you have the Student Health Insurance plan, please notify BUHS as soon as possible so we can create a referral for your visit, even after it has occurred. The plan will not cover the cost the visit without a referral from BUHS.

Will you write a note because I missed class?

When a student is absent from a class/laboratory/examination for medical reasons, it is the student's responsibility to discuss this directly with the faculty member involved.

Health Services staff members can issue excuses for missing class that may cover the office visit or extend beyond the visit if the illness warrants. In the case of students who are hospitalized or who have a prolonged illness, students should contact the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (317 940-9570). With the permission of the student, instructors will be alerted to the student's situation.

Why won't you discuss my visit to the Health Services with my parents?

We take medical confidentiality seriously. We are prevented by law from releasing any medical information to parents of non-minor children without the consent of the patient. In the case of a life or death emergency, we would contact parents immediately.

Can I pay with an HSA Card?

Yes!  Call Health Services medical billing specialist at 317-940-6066 to pay with your HSA card and receive a statement for your files.