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Facilities FAQs

What should I do if I notice a maintenance problem or emergency?

Visit the Request Center for information on reporting maintenance issues.

How does heating and air conditioning work on campus?

Every fall and spring, Butler makes the transition from cooling to heating and heating to cooling mode around campus. Butler's buildings are grouped into three types of systems for heating and cooling:

  1. Buildings that can run only heat or only AC
  2. Buildings that have no AC and only run heat
  3. Buildings that can run heat or AC* year-round

Type One: Atherton Union, Jordan Hall (middle and east ends), Lilly Hall, and Robertson Hall 
These facilities were designed with a system that only allows either hot water or chilled water to run through the system at any given time and, therefore, can provide only heat or only air conditioning. It takes time to switch the system between heating and cooling, thus the spring and fall months may have days where either heating or cooling cannot be provided. To do our best to ensure occupant comfort in the fall, Facilities reviews future weather forecasts to tries to predict when cooling will no longer be needed. At that point, the buildings are switched over to heating mode. The same is done in the spring to predict when AC will be needed.

Type Two: Schwitzer Hall and Ross Hall
These buildings do not have AC and can only run heat. The heat is turned on at these facilities when the spaces begin requiring heating.

Type Three: All Other Campus Buildings 
These buildings can run heat or air conditioning* (see building-specific limitations on AC below) year-round, depending on what the building and/or spaces require.
*The following Type Three facilities, served by the central chilled-water plant located by Jordan Hall, only have cooling when the central plant is operable: Gallahue, Holcomb, Irwin, Jordan, Pharmacy and ResCo. This plant is shut down in late fall and reopened in the spring to prevent damage to the equipment caused by low temperatures.

What should I do if I would like to have carpet replaced or walls painted?

Carpet replacement and wall painting are both available at a charge. Visit the Request Center to request a quote.

What should I do if I want to hang up a sign, picture, temporary sign or banner?

Visit the Request Center and enter a service request. 

Hanging flyers on billboards is not handled through Facilities, but must be approved through the PuLSE office.

Where is the campus lost and found?

The campus lost and found is at BUPD.

How do I get floors refinished, carpet cleaned, or windows washed? Is there a cost?

Yes, there will most likely be a cost. Visit the Request Center and submit a service request to have someone contact you and put together an estimate.

Why do custodians throw recycling materials in regular trash cans?

Butler utilizes a single stream recycle program which allows mixed recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum beverage containers) to be collected together and then sorted by the campus refuse hauler.

How do I check the status of a work request?

Visit the Request Center for instructions on checking the status of a service request.

How do I dispose of confidential materials?

See the Identity Theft Information Policy for information on disposing of confidential materials.

Can I recycle my corrugated cardboard from home in the campus cardboard compactors?

Yes. There are two cardboard compactors on campus. One is at the Facilities Service Center and one is at the Atherton Union dock.