Youth and Community Development

male and female young students playing soccer, college male in blue shirt and white hat

The College of Education (COE) understands that the role of professional educators extends beyond the traditional classroom. Through the COE’s newest major—Youth and Community Development (YCD)—students are prepared to be well-informed advocates for high-quality educational and outreach practices in community settings. In addition to 39 hours of professional education coursework, students select a concentration area to provide more in-depth knowledge.

These six areas include:

  • Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work
  • Sport Coaching
  • Organizational Leadership and Communication
  • Arts Administration
  • Museum Studies
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The capstone experience in the senior year, similar to student teaching, is a full-time internship that aligns with both the major and the area of concentration.

Organizations hire our graduates for positions in museums, nonprofit youth organizations, educational policy roles, recreation and sports programs, and community centers.

Youth and Community Development