Faculty & Staff


Brooke Kandel
Headshot of Brooke Kandel
Dean – College of Education

Associate Dean

Kelli Esteves
Headshot of Kelli Esteves
Associate Dean and Professor

Assistant Dean

Angela Mager
Headshot of Angela Mager
Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean

Faculty & Staff

Nick Abel
Headshot of Nick Abel
Associate Professor & Graduate Chair

Susan Adams
Headshot of Susan Adams
Associate Professor & Faculty Director of Diversity

Susan Adamson
Headshot of Susan Adamson
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Chair
Amy Arnold
Headshot of Amy Arnold
Office and Student Personnel Services Administrator

Kathryn Brooks
Headshot of Kathryn Brooks
Professor – Education

Deborah Corpus
Headshot of Deborah Corpus
Lori Desautels
Headshot of Lori Desautels
Assistant Professor – Education
Brian Dinkins
Headshot of Brian Dinkins
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Ryan Flessner
Headshot of Ryan Flessner
Professor – Education

Shelly Furuness
Headshot of Shelly Furuness
Professor – Education
Erin Garriott
Headshot of Erin Garriott
Kelley Hahn
Headshot of Kelley Hahn
Budget & Scheduling Coordinator
Brooke Harris Garad
Headshot of Brooke Harris Garad

Cathy Hartman
Headshot of Cathy Hartman
Thomas Keller
Headshot of Thomas Keller
Professor – Counselor Education

Suneeta Kercood
Professor – Education
Ashley Mack-Jackson
Headshot of Ashley Mack-Jackson
Lecturer – College of Education

Danielle Madrazo
Headshot of Danielle Madrazo
Lecturer – College of Education
Alexis Methner
Headshot of Alexis Methner
COE Administrative & Event Planning Specialist
Theresa Meyer
Headshot of Theresa Meyer
Chasadee Minton
Headshot of Chasadee Minton
Marketing & Graduate Programs

Chloe Moushey
Headshot of Chloe Moushey
Brandie Oliver
Headshot of Brandie Oliver
Professor – Education

Catherine Pangan
Headshot of Catherine Pangan
Professor – Education

Tom Parry
Headshot of Tom Parry
Assistant Professor

Katy Somerfield
Headshot of Katy Somerfield
Data Management & Accreditation Administrator

Mindy Welch
Associate Professor – Education
Felicia Williams
Headshot of Felicia Williams

Master Practitioner

Eric Heagy
Master Practitioner