Middle/Secondary Education

The College of Education challenges students to examine their assumptions about other people, especially how those from different social and cultural backgrounds learn. In our Middle/ Secondary program, you will work in real classrooms with smart, courageous teachers who are breaking down misconceptions and demonstrating innovative ways to help all students succeed. Through demanding courses in education and other Butler colleges, you will master the subjects you are passionate about sharing with students in grades 5–12.

As a middle/secondary educator, you must be more than an inspiring teacher. You have to own the “content” subjects you teach—areas like math, literature, sciences, or languages.

Our Middle/Secondary candidates complete the same number of content courses as Butler students majoring in those areas do. They also spend more than 800 hours in local classrooms, working alongside education faculty mentors as they develop their teaching expertise.

Our students evolve into highly effective, sought-after educators and content experts.

Content Area Requirements: