Known as the scientific study of human movement, Kinesiology combines knowledge from multiple disciplines—such as biology, physics and psychology—to better understand the processes that underline human movement and the application to practitioner-based settings.

The flexible curriculum focuses on human movement, integrating knowledge from biomechanics, exercise physiology, skill acquisition, and sport & exercise psychology. Students may choose from two concentrations in the major: Pre-Professional and Applied Human Performance.

The Pre-Professional concentration prepares students to meet the requirements for graduate programs in athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other health-related fields. The Applied Human Performance concentration prepares students to enter the workforce in clinical exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, sport coaching or health & fitness. Students may also add the Sport Coaching minor, as only six additional credit hours or two additional courses are needed to fulfill the requirements.

The curriculum emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills that allow students to succeed in numerous practitioner-based settings. Hands-on learning is a hallmark of the program with students getting plenty of experience interacting with clinical grade equipment in the human performance lab. Students will also gain valuable experience with community partners through practical visits and semester long internship opportunities.