Elementary Education

The College of Education prepares elementary educators in a way that truly integrates theory with practice. Beginning in the first year and continuing all the way through graduation, you will be in classrooms. In fact, our partnerships allow for you to take many courses on site in elementary schools where the theory you learn from expert faculty can be taken just down the hall to a real-life field experience. This culminates in a full year of student teaching—every day, all day—during your senior year, which will give you a total of over 1,500 hours of in-classroom experience during your four years at Butler.

In addition, all of our students have an imbedded special education minor, which will help you to address the needs of all your learners once you are a classroom teacher. Plus, the two semesters of student teaching provide the flexibility to convert some minors into a second licensure area (special education, English as a new language, and early childhood education).

With our 100% placement rate you will find that teaching job that you not only have dreamed of, but are now highly prepared to take. Plus, if the traditional school setting isn’t where your talents shine, we have experiences at sites such as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum and Riley Children’s Hospital.

All undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education at Butler University are accredited by he Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and the Indiana Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD).