Core IV Student Teaching/Internship Experience

Core IV Student Teaching/Internship experience is a full-time, supervised experience to be completed in a continuous sequence of weeks for a designated time period.  During this period, certified and experienced professionals supervise candidates. The Core IV experience requires a total commitment on the part of each student. Normally no other courses should be taken, and students are discouraged from holding part-time, evening, and weekend jobs.

For a complete resource guide for the student teaching process, please download the College of Education Student Teaching Handbook.  For a complete guide for the intership process, please download the Internship Handbook.


  1. Senior or graduate standing.
  2. Must be fully admitted to Core III/Teacher Education.
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or better.  No grade of less than “C” (2.0) may be counted in coursework taken in major or minor program.

Completing the Core IV Application:

Students planning on student teaching or completing an internship next academic year or following summer should attend information sessions and submit specific documents to the College of Education in order to ensure proper and appropriate placement.  Please pay close attention to the following deadlines and instructions listed below.

Submit your application

Please visit SC 105E with any questions or if you encounter any difficulties completing this application process.