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Butler University's Amanda Huffman and Meredith at Pike High School

Youth and Community Development

The College of Education understands that the role of well-prepared professional educators extends well beyond traditional schooling. Through our newest major—Youth and Community Development (YCD)—students are prepared to be well-informed advocates for high-quality educational and outreach practices in youth-serving and community settings. In addition to 39 hours of professional education coursework, every student also selects one of five concentration areas to provide more in-depth knowledge in a specific area of youth or community work. These five areas include: Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work; Recreation and Sport Studies; Human Communication and Organizational Leadership; Arts Administration; and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The capstone experience in the senior year, similar to student teaching, will include a full-time internship that aligns with both the major and the area of concentration.

View the Youth and Community Development curriculum sheet.