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Center for Faith and Vocation

CFV Resources and Guidelines

Below are a varied set of resources that have been useful to members of our community.

Vocational Reflection Resource

The Vocational Reflection Resource is a menu of different practices faculty have been accessing to help infuse vocational reflection into their courses.

Interfaith Calendar

The Interfaith Calendar website provides the dates for holidays for a comprehensive list of traditions.

Butler Religious Holiday Accommodations Policy and Calendar

The Holiday Accommodations Policy and Calendar provides the policy students can use to navigate accommodations when their faith tradition practice poses a conflict with their academic study. In addition, we provide a list of dates of when the holidays occur for the current academic year from the traditions most common among our students, faculty, and staff. We advise faculty try to avoid putting exams or elements of class that cannot be made up on these dates; we also suggest campus partners who design programs try to avoid these dates.

View the Policy on Religious Holidays.

Academic Study of Religon

For students interested in the academic study of religion, we have further details about the Religious Studies program on campus.


Language matters, particularly around matters of faith, spirituality, and vocation. The glossary gives a basic starting point for how we use our language at the CFV.