IndyGo & Butler Information

Quick Guide to Using IndyGo Bus Services

IndyGo is the largest public transportation provider in the state of Indiana. They operate 212 vehicles on over 30 fixed routes to get you where you need to go around Indianapolis.

The more you know, the easier it is! Check out these how-to tips and tools that will make riding transit second nature.

IndyGo Customer Service: 317-635-3344

Online Trip Planner

Use the IndyGo online trip planner to get step-by-step directions, including what route to take, what bus to board, where to board, and what time the bus is departing.

Real-Time Bus Tracker

IndyGo has online tools to let you now where the next bus is so you know how long you will have to wait.

Payment and Fares

Be ready to board with exact change or a bus pass. A fare is required every time you board.

Pass instructions:

  • New Pass: Insert your pass into the slot in the top of the farebox vertically, located next to the Operator, to activate your pass and get it stamped.
  • Day Passes (1 Day, 7 Day, 31 Day): Once these pass types have been stamped, swipe your pass in the farebox.
  • Trip Passes (1 Trip, 10 Trips): You must insert your pass into the top slot of the farebox every time.

Cash Instructions:

  • You can pay for a single trip ($1.75) or purchase a day pass ($4) with cash when boarding. Operators do not carry change, and the fareboxes do not make change.

Riding from Butler

Routes 18 and 28 serve the Butler campus directly with several stops:

  • The circle drive between Fairview and Clowes
  • The bus pull-off south of the HRC
  • 49th and Boulevard Place by Apartment Village

Common Destinations

Butler students identified this list of places they would like to frequently travel to.

  • Glendale Target: 28 minutes on Route 18
  • Broad Ripple: 23 minutes on Route 18
  • Downtown Indianapolis: 35 minutes on Route 18 or 28
  • Keystone Fashion Mall: 42 minutes on Route 28 with a transfer to Route 86