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Students at Welcome Week


Mind & Body

Mind and Body resources support the ability to identify and care for the physical and emotional needs and the awareness of influences that affect overall health.


Social resources support the ability to create harmony in one’s relationships with others, demonstrate effective communication skills, develop the capacity for healthy intimacy and cultivate a support network of caring friends and/or family members. 


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion resources support the ability to understand one’s own identity and background and how they differ from others.  Additionally, these resources support an appreciation for engaging with experiences that expand one’s understanding of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Community & Service

Community and Service resources promote wellness by strengthening community through service and shared interests, both within Butler and the greater Indianapolis area.

Career & Life Skills

Career and Life Skills resources promote wellness through building and maintaining successful skills for future or current careers, including internships, employment, and financial planning.

Meaning & Purpose

Meaning and Purpose resources support the ability to reflect on one’s values and beliefs, intentionally discern goals and contributions, and explore meaningful steps towards actualizing one’s future.


Intellectual resources promote wellness through personal growth in academics, lifelong learning, and engaging new ideas.


Environmental resources promote wellness through shared interests in protecting the environment, caring for campus, and advancing Butler’s future in sustainable ways.