Studio Staff

2022-2023 Writers’ Studio Staff

Our staff is awesome! To be selected as a Studio employee, tutors must be nominated by a faculty member, undergo an application process, and complete a 3-credit hour, writing intensive tutor training course. Not all of our tutors are English majors, either. We come from such diverse majors as dance, business, science, psychology, and more. See for yourself who we are and what we love, in our own words:

  • Erin Butler: she/her. Third year/Psychology and French. Karaoke. Dancing. Thrifting. Gardening. Andrew Garfield. 
  • Adam Crozier: he/his. Fifth year/Computer Science and Computer Engineering (double major @ Butler and IUPUI). Singapore. Malaysia. Thailand. Shout walks to the fridge. Goner. Association for Computing Machinery President. HRC. Woody Fink Official Fan Club member.
  • DeTonyea Dickson: she/her. Fourth year/Biochemistry. Discovering music. Coffee. Knitting. Naruto. Sharks.
  • Annie Donato: she/her. Third year/Violin Performance and English. Dead Poets Society. Hiking. Earl Grey tea. Deadpan.
  • Shannon Farrell: she/her. Fourth year/Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences major; Healthcare Management minor. Music. The outdoors. Board games. Popcorn. The zoo.
  • Madi Foley: she/her. Third year/English, Spanish, and Art History. Pottery. Books. Biking. And losing things.
  • Molly Freeman: she/her. Senior/Sociology and French major; Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration minor. Thrifting in Fountain Square. Fleetwood Mac. Reading anything by Kurt Vonnegut. Iced coffee and sushi (together or separate).
  • Grace Harahan: she/her. Second year/Speech Pathology. Dance team. Greek life. Coffee. Writing.
  • Angelica Letcher: she/her. Senior/Strategic Communication. Coffee. Shopping. Where the Crawdads Sing. Fleetwood Mac. Washington, D.C.
  • Spencer Lewis: Fourth year/History. Master and Margarita. Hiking. Strawberry lemonade. History does not repeat itself.
  • Sarah Mahnesmith: she/hers. Third year/Speech, Language, and Hearing Science. Runner. Coffee extraordinaire. Romance novel enthusiast. Nature lover.
  • Jon Mann: he/his. Graduate student/Creative Writing, Fiction. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Birdman (2014). Never too much coffee. Having faith the Detroit Lions will be good this season.
  • Anna Marcou: she/they. Fourth year/English, Critical Communications, and Media Studies. Animal Crossing. Romance manga. Matcha lattes. Do it for you.
  • Alaina Marcuz: she/her. Fourth year/Speech, Language, and Hearing Science major; Diverse Learners minor. Going for walks. Organizing things. Dogs and other cute furry friends. Road trips, sparkling water, and Annie’s Cheddar Mac + Cheese.
  • Jeff Marvel: he/his. Graduate student/Creative Writing. Casablanca. WRC racing. Wine. Maps.
  • Mia Myers: she/her. Third year/Elementary Education. Dancing while cooking. Crime shows. Loud laughter. Future teacher.
  • Jenna Nelsen: she/her. Fourth year/Special Education with English focus. Diet Coke. Cooking. Travel. Crime podcasts. Long walks on the beach.
  • Bek Primrose: they/them. Graduate student/Creative Writing, Poetry. Godzilla movies. Jellyfish. Punk rock. Sushi. Linus and Jedi, the cats.
  • Elliott Robinson: he/they. Third year/English major with Creative Writing focus; Spanish minor. Ghost hunting. Getting lost on road trips. Interpreting other people’s dreams. Passionate advocate for walkable communities.
  • Mark Sortino: he/him. Fourth year/Marketing major; Education minor. Go Cubs. Go Irish. Go Dawgs.
  • Katie Stamatis: she/they. Fourth year/International Business. Books. Soccer. Film. Hot chocolate on the warmest days.
  • Rachel Sudbeck: she/her. Third year/History and Anthropology major; Museum Studies minor. Hiking and climbing. Always happy to be transported to a fantasy land. Dragons!! Take a deep breath and let it go.
  • Lilly Thumm: she/her. Fourth year/Political Science and International Studies major; Peace and Conflict Studies and Professional Writing minors. Baking. Car rides. Weekend trips. Washington, D.C.
  • Nicklas (Nick) Wade: he/his. Second year/International Business. Hockey. Movies. Sports. Personable. Opportunistic.
  • Samantha (Sam) Zechiel: she/her. Fourth year/Political Science. Playing with my dog. Cooking and baking. Doing arts and crafts. Plymouth, Indiana. Only child.

Graduate Assistant​ to the Director

  • Sophie Salerno-DeWald, MFA Poetry: she/her

Director of Peer Tutoring

  • Sunny Romack, BA English (Creative Writing), MA English (Medieval & Renaissance Literature), PhD English (Rhetoric & Composition): she/her. Wicca. Deleuze. Mom life. Yoga and meditation. Always folding laundry. Leave it better than you found it.