Mission, Vision & Values

What We Do/Mission

As peer tutors, we share what we have learned about writing as a personal journey of intellectual exploration. We collaborate with writers to come up with ideas; organize information; revise existing drafts; and build writers’ confidence by providing thoughtful, honest, and constructive feedback. Our mission is to support writers in:

  • Expressing their ideas
  • Developing their voices
  • Learning to manage their writing processes

What We Achieve/Vision

To improve the writer’s overall communication skills; to shape the future of their writing careers. Through the interventionist talk, inclusive pedagogy, and individualized instruction the Writers’ Studio provides, we envision a future in which writers reach an appropriate level of confidence and comfort with their ability to guide themselves through any writing endeavor, public or private, in any genre, within and beyond the University.

What We Value
 Consistent with the principles of a liberal arts education, at the Writers’ Studio, we value the writer before the writing.

  • We embrace all writers as unique individuals seeking to expand knowledge and develop skills in order to do good and live well in the world; there is no expectation for writers to conform to the ideas of others, for as peer tutors we seek to construct, and encourage in others, a genuine self-identity.
  • We seek to foster understanding and connection with the writers who visit us not as teacher and student but as two people growing together; therefore, we recognize and support writers through the concerns and struggles they may bring to a session.
  • We dedicate ourselves to the diversity of the human experience and will never discriminate against or judge a client for their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religious or spiritual beliefs, economic background, disability status, or sociopolitical views; instead, we aim to be the allies and advocates of everyone who comes through our door, engaging with writers in radical openness, cultural engagement, critical empathy, and sincere validation of the power and importance of difference.