Before You Arrive

What you should know about the Writers’ Studio

First of all, the Writers’ Studio is a student-centered space. We have coffee, tea, and snacks for our clients, comfortable tables and chairs for tutoring sessions and/or for hanging out and writing, and a staff committed to helping you, the student/client.

Secondly, the Writers’ Studio is an inclusive space. We are committed to respecting the dignity of all people regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, religious affiliation or non-affiliation, age, parental or marital status, veteran status, national or ethnic origin, legal status, political beliefs, or physical or mental status. We hope you will enjoy working with us!


Peer tutors are undergraduate and graduate students from all across the curriculum. Undergrads have completed a 300-level composition course designed to prepare them for working with writers at any point in the writing process. All tutors undergo regular professional development to help us be the best tutors we can be.


Tutors are trained to assist the student without specific knowledge of the subject, though it would help us if you bring in a handout of the assignment. We strive to provide unbiased and useful input, especially in relation to organization, content, argument and style.

Once again, tutors are trained to help you in any stage in the writing process. If you’re having trouble starting an assignment, a tutor will assist with brainstorming, outlining, or other invention strategies.

Tutors send electronic conference reports to your professor following a session. Professors may contact Sunny Hawkins, Director of Peer Tutoring, for additional information or comments about student sessions.

If you are ready for the final editing process, a peer tutor will help you identify grammar and punctuation problems and help decide on the appropriate changes. That being said, peer tutors will not proofread or correct your work for you. You must be an active participant in any session.

For accessibility information or to request disability-related accommodations, please visit our Event Accommodations page.