Why Science, Technology & Environmental Studies

What kind of people are most likely to enjoy and benefit from STES?

  • They enjoy science classes. They like learning a body of knowledge, doing hands-on investigation, knowing how things work, observing nature—human, plant, and animal.
  • They like humanities classes. They like discussing ideas with others; they enjoy the challenge of creative and critical thinking.
  • They enjoy examining topics in different disciplines and making connections among those disciplines.
  • They are considering health care or science careers.
  • They are considering public policy, law and government, communications, city planning, social work, environmental policy and development, science teaching careers, etc.
  • They want to be technical writers or journalists who report on science and health.

STES majors can design their curriculum to follow their interests.

STES is also designed to combine with other majors to deepen your chosen path with cross-disciplinary expertise.