Butler RGSS Graduates:
Where are they now?

  • Vic Overdorf, 2017, is an Instructor (History & Anthropology Core) at Butler University.
  • Adrian Prather, 2022, is a Master of Education Candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is also a Graduate Assistant Intern in the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Office at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  • Tabitha Barbour, 2017, is a Career Advisor with the Career and Professional Services office (CaPS) at Butler University.

Madison Woods
Class of 2023
HR Generalist at Hitachi Astemo
DEI Committee for the Americas Region

“I began my role as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion intern for Hitachi, and slowly transitioned into more general HR duties as well. The perspectives and knowledge I gained from the faculty and my fellow classmates in the RGSS department absolutely are the reason I have been so successful in my position so far; sending my interviewers my RGSS Capstone project was actually what set me apart from other applicants and got me hired (thanks Dr. V)! I am helping my company develop their DEI Committee by working to hire more women and people of color in leadership roles, engineering/STEM roles, and senior management roles, as well as letting everyone from hourly to salary positions know that they have a DEI Committee there for them. I absolutely could not be here if I did not have the experience I had with Butler RGSS.

Emily Paff
Class of 2022
Masters of Social Work
University of Pennsylvania

Emily is also currently the resident engagement intern at Project H.O.M.E the largest housing nonprofit in the city of Philadelphia

“RGSS led me to pursue a degree in macro social work because I wanted to continue to work towards systems change from a people centered lens. While in undergrad I was able to focus heavily on the intersectionality of social issues which has helped to inform my current desire to continue doing non profit work in the areas of homelessness and substance use.”

Maya Peterson
Class of 2022
Special Education Aide
Perry Township Schools

I graduated from a Perry Township high school in 2018 and what I learned at Butler helps me to interact with students of various demographics on a daily basis. I find myself learning new things every day and forming bonds with students in a way I wouldn’t be able to do without my time at Butler.

Roua Daas
Class of 2021
Dual-Title Clinical Psychology &
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies PhD Student
Pennsylvania State University

“My undergrad experience in the GWSS department at Butler inspired me to pursue a Dual-Title PhD in Clinical Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. GWSS has given me a home in academia and has allowed me to interweave my activism with my academics.”

Dmitri Heath

Dimitri Heath
Class of 2021
Residence Life Coordinator for Student Development
IU Bloomington

“Majoring in RGSS made my transition to Higher Education feel natural. My background in RGSS and Sociology helped me connect with undergraduate students way beyond the surface level. During my graduate studies, I often found myself saying, “Oh, I learned this in class in undergrad!” Now in my full-time position, I consistently utilize my RGSS education by supporting students through bias incidents, helping students learn more about their salient identities, practicing identity-conscious supervision, and advocating for students are experiencing discrimination.”

Racquel Wilson
Class of 2020
JD Candidate
IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Racquel is also a Law Clerk at Ciyou and Associates, P.C.

I think this education has helped me as I understand how societal ideologies and implications impact the law, more specifically family law (where I work). It helps having some background understanding of how gender and identity play a role in the legal world and our clients.