Post-Graduate Studies

“The Psychology program here at Butler was, for me, a springboard into my future career. With the guidance, teaching, and support from all of the wonderful professors, I was successful in graduating from Butler, as well as entering medical school and obtaining a Medical Degree. By learning the physiologic and psychologic basis for human behavior, my Psychology degree has made me a more effective communicator with my patients, and allowed me insight into their vastly different personalities.”

—Tracy Murray, M.D. ’00

Family Practice and Obstetrics

Not all psychology majors are interested in a career in mental health services. In fact, several of our recent graduates have pursued post-graduate study in law school, medical school, or other health-related specialties (e.g. physical therapy, physician assistant programs, or veterinary school). Students following Butler’s pre-health studies curriculum are required to have a major within a department and although many choose Biology or Chemistry as a major, some also choose Psychology as their primary course of study. Psychology majors who wish to apply to medical school complete the psychology curriculum outlined for majors while also completing the sequence of pre-health studies courses recommended by the Post-Graduate Studies office. Students wishing to enter law school complete the psychology curriculum and work closely with Pre-Law Advising in the CHASE office to prepare for the LSAT exam and for the law school application process.