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National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Award

In September 2020, Dr. Johnson received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant entitled “Exploring the unique effects of shared past adversity for enhancing social connection and identify-safety in STEM”. The grant will expand on previous research Dr. Johnson has done that explores who acts as a role model for Black women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In order for an individual to serve as a role model, students must feel a social connection, or identify with, the role model. Importantly, role models can spark interest in STEM and encourage a sense of belonging in STEM fields. Black women only comprise 2% of the STEM workforce; thus, identifying who acts a role model for Black women is critical to increase their representation in STEM. The research in the grant will focus on role models specifically for STEM students who identify as Black and female.  To learn more about the NSF funded work and Dr. Johnson’s research, you can visit her website at:

Dr. India R. Johnson is a social psychologist that joined Butler’s Department of Psychology in 2019. Dr. Johnson earned her PhD in Social Psychology from The Ohio State University, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from IUPUI. Dr. Johnson is an intergroup relations researcher, and her work focuses on how to improve the quality and quantity of interactions between persons of differing identities, with an emphasis on promoting feelings of identity-safety among members of marginalized groups (e.g. racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, women, immigrants, and religious minorities). In addition to being a social psychologist and professor, Dr. Johnson is a wife to her amazing husband, Ricky, and mother of four incredible daughters, Anjanée, Lyric, Ryvar & Rylan.

Like Your Google Product? Katie Wainwright ’11 May Be Why.

Katie Wainright photoIn her current role as a Senior UX Researcher at Google, Katie Wainwright ’11 employs many of the research methods she learned at Butler University. She collects feedback from users when they interact with Google technology or products, aiming to see what can be improved. Wainwright first became interested in the user experience field as a Math and Psychology major at Butler.

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