Department Goals and Objectives

The Butler Political Science Program, distinctively grounded in a firm commitment to social justice, democracy, and human rights, engages students in the study and practice of politics to promote the collective good at the local, national, and global levels. The program defines politics broadly as the formal and informal ways societies govern themselves. The program offers an innovative curriculum that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue positive social change. Political science alumni have pursued careers in electoral politics, teaching, law, government, journalism, business, and non-profit organizations, and have earned graduate and professional degrees in several fields.

Political Science Goals

With a major in political science, the student will:

  1. To recognize their role as responsible and effective members of communities to promote positive social change.
  2. To develop knowledge of political theories, identities, behavior, movements, structures, and institutions in local, national, and global settings;
  3. To develop skills, such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and written and oral communication, necessary to engage effectively in the study and practice of politics in order to become fully realized thinkers, professionals, and community members; and
  4. To develop the ability to make connections between theory and practice, between global and local events, and across academic disciplines.