Student Apprenticeships in Political Science

Student Apprentices work closely with a faculty mentor in the Department on his or her teaching and/or research.


  • Usually will be a Junior or Senior at the time of the Apprenticeship
  • In some cases, the senior or junior status requirement may be waived to allow an outstanding sophomore to serve as an apprentice.
  • 3.0 overall grade point average
  • Must have completed two courses in Political Science
  • Apprentices are enrolled for one three-credit upper level Political Science class.
  • Students may only be enrolled as an apprentice once.

Application Procedure

Submit a one-page application with the following information: Name, email address, year (i.e. Junior/Senior), major, overall GPA, GPA in major, and a list of Political Science courses taken.

A statement (one or two paragraphs) containing the following:

  1. An explanation of why you are interested in an apprenticeship.
  2. A list of the three professors and projects/courses you would be most interested in working with, should you be selected for an apprenticeship. Each semester a list of these apprenticeship options will be distributed by the Department Chair.
  3. Postgraduate plans, if known.

Examples of Past Apprenticeships

Teaching Apprentices

  • Steven Cornelius was working with Dr. Brabant in U.S. Political Thought
  • Austin Del Priore was apprentice to Dr. Auchter in Community Mediation

Research Apprentices

  • Delaney Foreman worked with Dr. Su-Mei Ooi on comparative research on civil society linkages in Taiwan and China.
  • Steven Tyler worked with Dr. Siobhan McEvoy-Levy on projects related to children, youth, transitional justice and peacebuilding.

Combined Teaching and Research Apprentice

  • Andre Smith was apprentice for Dr Robin Turner in Research and Analysis and on a Southern African nature tourism research project.

For more information, contact Dr. Margaret Brabant (