English Student Awards

Each spring the English Department honors its outstanding students with departmental awards. We invite others to join us in celebrating their achievements.


Awarded to English students for distinction in the field of literature.

  • 2023: Miranda Emerick, Jack Williams
  • 2022: Avery Buck, Natalie Shaffer

Given to students who have expressed an interest in teaching high school English.

  • 2023: Kenya Bustos Diaz
  • 2022: Ryann Bahnline

Given to students who show promise as writers.

  • 2023: Ashley Bishop, Hannah Goergens
  • 2022: Sabrina Stock

Awarded for deserving students in the College of LAS who have demonstrated excellence in the study of English Literature.

  • 2023: Kenneth Foran
  • 2022: Nick Ruffo, Hannah Goergens

Presented to students studying English who have demonstrated excellence in the study of Classic American Literature (authors that were active prior to 1950) and are on track to graduate in four years or less.

  • 2023: Jada Gangazha. Abigail Oakley
  • 2022: Madeline Eary

Named for a distinguished Butler English professor and presented to outstanding graduating English majors.

  • 2023: Maddi Eary, Sabrina Stock, Avery Buck
  • 2022: Keelan Kilbane, Anna Petr, Lily Wallack

Presented to outstanding junior English majors.

  • 2023: Elliott Robinson, Alena Finnell, Kay Hyman
  • 2022: Renee Rogers, Elizabeth Salsbury

Presented for excellence in Creative Writing.

  • 2023: Morgan Mead
  • 2022: Madison Foley

Awarded to students devoted to political engagement and social activism.

  • 2023: Violet Ross
  • 2022: Josie Levin

Presented to the student who has made the largest contribution to the Butler literary community.

  • 2023: Madison Foley
  • 2022: Anna Marcou

Presented to students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of Shakespeare and early modern literature.

  • 2023: Leah Ollie
  • 2022: Chris Strong

Award for excellence in the study of English. This award was established by Mr. and Mrs., John S. Wright in memory of their son.

  • 2023: Anna Marcou, Karrington Tabor
  • 2022: Michael Powell, Hannah Ratzer, Coley Zeigler