English Faculty Publications

The Next Right Thing Book

Dan Barden

The Next Right Thing

The Dial Press

The Next Right Thing has humanity, humor, and insight to burn. Dan Barden takes the clay of the California hard-boiled novel and shapes it into something new.” —George Pelecanos

The Americanization of the Holocaust

Hilene Flanzbaum

The Americanization of the Holocaust

Johns Hopkins University Press

“Delineates very well how much the perception of Holocaust survivors (and their descendants) and of Holocaust literature (in the broadest sense) have changed over the last forty years.”—Religion and the Arts

Huck Finn's America book

Andrew Levy

Huck Finn’s America: Mark Twain and the Era That Shaped His Masterpiece

Simon & Schuster”Levy’s analysis of Twain’s racial politics is … captivating.” ―Publishers Weekly

The Invention of Flight book

Susan Neville

The Invention of Flight

University of Georgia Press

“The people in The Invention of Flight are real. . . . Neville’s stories are so ‘fantastic’ that they cannot be mistaken for anything but the truth.”—Newsday