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Jordan Hall
Academic Program Development and Innovation


Is APDI part of CAT?

Although APDI and CAT share office space in Irwin Library, we are a separate department and strategic partner with CAT.

What does an instructional designer do?

It is more than just course design. A master’s level Instructional Designer combines systems thinking, process development, industry best practices and creativity to help clients meet their goals.  A master Instructional Designer (ID), uses skills in needs assessment, task analysis, project management, curriculum design and development, implementation, assessment and evaluation to help clients find a path for project realization.

I have an idea for a new certificate or degree program. What is the process for getting it off the ground?

First, reach out to your APDI liaison. We find the earlier our team is involved, the smoother the program development process goes. We will provide an high-level overview of the new program development process and help determine a project timeline.

Second, we will help you form your start-up team, develop a business case, complete a market analysis, and create a draft of the program curriculum. Additionally, we will help you determine if the program should be credit or non-credit bearing.

Once the initial program ideas are brainstormed, we will support the credit-bearing programs through the approval processes of the academic division and operational divisions.

How do I get trained for teaching online courses?

If your dean has approved you to teach an online course, email Erin at to be registered for online course training.

How do I determine credit hours for online courses?

See the Registrar’s requirements at