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Affordability & Aid

Financial Aid FAQs

what types of scholarships are available?

Merit and talent awards are offered to students who show academic promise through proven high school records or ability within the performing arts or athletics. Among these awards are the freshman academic scholarships, athletic grants-in-aid, Jordan College of the Arts Audition awards and transfer academic scholarships.

when will i find out if i am receiving a scholarship?

Award notification varies with the type of scholarship. Many scholarships are awarded in rounds, so award notification occurs over a span of time. Butler typically awards Freshman Academic Scholarships from December through February, Transfer Academic Scholarships beginning March, and JCA Audition Awards by mid-March.

how do i apply for need-based financial aid?

Butler requires the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) be submitted by March 1, each year to receive maximum consideration of all aid.

when will i be notified about my financial aid package?

The Office of Financial Aid sends notification letters beginning mid-March to new students (freshman and transfers) who have been admitted to the University, submitted the FAFSA and have completed their financial aid file.

is there any way to find out what my family may be expected to pay prior to receiving my financial aid package?

Yes. The Net Price Calculator is available to give you an estimate of financial aid and what your family's out-of-pocket expenses may be.

what is satisfactory academic progress (sap)?

You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better after the end of the first two academic years (4 terms) at Butler University and maintain measurable "pace" of 67% or greater. Pace is based on cumulative hours and measured by dividing all attempted credit hours by the earned credit hours. For more information, visit Satisfactory Academic Progress in the Financial Aid Handbook.

i noticed a number of scholarships in the butler university bulletin. how do i apply for these scholarships?

The scholarships you are referring to in the Butler Bulletin are annual or endowed scholarships. Most are used to underwrite Butler University financial aid programs and cannot be applied for directly. However, by mid-March of each year, each department (college) is notified of any scholarship funds that are available for the following academic year. Departments then identify potential candidates for the scholarships based on the selection criteria of individual scholarships. The Office of Financial Aid works directly with departments to insure candidates meet individual scholarship criteria. Award letters are then sent to recipients detailing the scholarship requirements. Further inquiries can be directed to individual colleges.

i received an outside scholarship for $1000 but only $500 was applied to my fall charges. why wasn't the full amount applied to fall?

It is Butler University's policy to apply all scholarships equally between fall and spring semesters.

will my federal work study award be credited to my student account?

No. The Federal Work Study Program provides an opportunity for students to work on campus earning money for expenses such as books, transportation and personal items. Federal Work Study funds are not automatically credited to the student's account. All employed students will receive a paycheck for the hours worked to use as they see fit. All students may seek employment while on campus through the Office of Internship and Career Services.