The Butler LRAP

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Accomplish your goals with peace of mind.

Butler offers a Loan Repayment Assistance Plan (LRAP) in partnership with Ardeo. This program is designed to help qualified incoming Butler students in the repayment of their student loans. If after graduating from Butler, a student earns less than $57,000 in their first job out of college, the LRAP will assist in repaying their student loans until either they earn more than $57,000 for 12 months or they pay off their loans entirely. An LRAP can provide students the peace of mind to pursue their dream career without worrying about the ability to repay debt after college.

Think of The Butler LRAP as a safety net.

This program makes a Butler education more attainable and a lower risk for you and your family. We don’t want student loan debt to be a burden and the reason why you don’t choose Butler. We have options available to assist you with the financial commitment.

How It Works

  • Apply by November 1 and be admitted to Butler University
  • File the FAFSA. If eligible, you will be contacted with the LRAP offer after admission, typically after your financial aid package is visible in the spring.
  • Once you’ve enrolled and borrowed loans, complete your degree path and graduate on time.
  • Begin repayment of any federal, private alternative, and/or parent PLUS loans after graduation.

The Butler LRAP offer is distributed by a committee. The committee assesses income level and overall need of eligible applicants. The size and number of offers varies each year depending on the applicant pool and funding availability. Offers are distributed to incoming students in the spring.

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No matter where you are in the application process, your admission counselor is here to answer your questions.

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Explore Financial Aid and Scholarships

The financial aid and scholarship offerings you’re eligible for can vary, depending on the type of degree you’re seeking (among other factors). First-year students should apply to Butler by November 1 for the maximum scholarship consideration.